Large park network founder Wang Zhiquan electricity supplier fast road


"big park don’t want to be a household name", this sentence on the current by burning make eye live electricity supplier in the world, is really a little misfits, with popular words, can be called "playfully". But it is such a "niche" based on the concept, let me in the two to enter the electricity supplier after the war, saw the original a little helpless and unwilling to leave the place, with more in the future.

electricity supplier fast road

over the past few years business development, in fact can be summed up as the brightest electricity supplier for the flow to and fro the story. In this process, the majority of electricity traders fall into the "misunderstanding of the world of martial arts but not fast breaking". This is when I first founded Kuba also not spared. Burn faster, the first time from the bomb omnipresent advertising promotion; to be fast, through in recent years a steady stream of making Festival movement continue to provoke the most original price war; the last delivery more quickly to cater to consumers slightly metamorphosis timeliness requirements. All of the electricity supplier to stay on the surface of the rapid advance, the aura of rapid expansion, but in reality has fallen into a quagmire.

in fact, the current domestic electricity supplier market growth space is very big, the next few years the growth rate will still be equivalent to the entire retail market growth several times, in this case, the electricity supplier fast means, should be more quickly find innovative marketing mode of joint enterprises, emerging technology in hot pursuit of mobile Internet the times, such as mobile smart devices and the perfect combination of product information, to consumers in the mobile shopping a richer shopping experience. This has been a step in the park has been implemented step by step.

now, I do not have to look at the site traffic curve, you can focus more on how to achieve close interaction with consumers and feedback. For example, how our users have a more in-depth communication? How to learn of their large park products of cognition and feeling? Now park network has been working to establish true user CRM system, in order to step faster than others, a deeper understanding of the needs of users, the battle to control the outcome of hand.

business enterprise has a natural gene Internet, we should think about how to use the inherent advantages of new channels to emerge to take advantage of faster and better, to explore and analyze the customer demand curve, precision marketing in more energy faster, which is the level of the present and future electricity providers should begin to prepare the fast way.

to August last year, the park network has been on the line for a year, we re entered the wave of electricity providers to recruit gesture, the imprint is not throwing money to burn the brutal expansion, we are willing to spend more time with the diverse needs of the user. For example, WeChat pay the fire, the streets are two-dimensional code, a large park has become the first settled in WeChat shopping home textile brand, and completed its own CRM system and WeChat platform grafting. Consumers may