After the suspension of the market value of home network the end of the industrial chain service sys

in the decoration industry, in the past, and never seem to fraud and fraud, Qijia network had tried to break this vicious circle, with the Internet business, the transparent decoration industry. However, the more a large number of investors chase it, the more it listed pace more and more, the Qijia network lost……

text / reporter Zhang Zhaohui

regulating the family network were considered to be the first sign of the gem business enterprise. And the Qijia network than it seems to be no more reliable listed companies from the electricity supplier immediately.

from July 2007 to 2010 began to venture into Suzhou, have introduced CDH, Baidu, Qijia network already completed three rounds of financing. At the same time, by providing service commissions and advertising fees, after 2009, in other commercial enterprises are still desperately throwing money when financing for sales, regulating the family network has achieved the scale of tens of millions of profit.

data show that since 2005, the Qijia network has its headquarters from Shanghai to expand to the national 32 City, has more than 4 million members and more than 36000 suppliers, suppliers involved in building materials, decoration, three major areas of Home Furnishing. In 2010, the Qijia network platform trading volume of 6 billion 200 million yuan, in 2011 is expected to exceed 11 billion 500 million.

(sidebar: iResearch data show that in the decoration of building materials Home Furnishing vertical trading platform, regulating the family network in 2009 market share of 32.9%, in 2010 reached 36.5%, 2011 is expected to exceed 40%.


however, in early January on a Thursday afternoon in Beijing Eagle Building 23 layer Qijia network headquarters, Qijia network news listing suspended from the founder of Jinkou Deng Hua initiative to take out, "we had this year listed, materials have been reported in, the Commission will agree with us on the market. But we have to postpone the listing."

Deng Huajin in the entrepreneur and reporters for more than an hour of dialogue has been repeated, we do not do a good job".

what is the reason for regulating the family network choose to terminate the listing? Suspended after the listing of the Qijia network and how to


golden age

2009, the property market in Chinese Qijia networks have continued to rise in a fiery road came up for fourth years. The golden age is coming.

2008, regulating the family network for millions of yuan profit. Under the support of venture capital in Suzhou, the company has gradually improved the structure of the company. At the time of the Home Furnishing areas such as regulating the family network like senior is not much, can analogy is the fence net. The fence net is the earliest one of the electricity supplier Home Furnishing building materials, building materials sales by the warehouse, once the business income, the number of users in the Qijia network above. As the user service model of Qijia network deeply, and the transformation of the fence net to the wedding field, regulating the family network in the decoration Home Furnishing building materials electricity business is becoming more and more stable.

at the time of the Qijia network and.