2014 the hand off group purchase inventory seek bureau were slaughtered in the Red Sea

at the Rome arena, only to win in the battle of the slave, in order to get the chance of survival.


arena in the field of group purchase last year, the U.S. group, public comment, Baidu Nuomi already kill red eye. The data to be refreshed frequently, the group called to open nearly 1000 sub group of 800 by the end of November, trading volume reached 35 billion, the public comment group purchase business this year to open more than and 160 City, turnover of nearly 15 billion.

In addition to the venue

data mingmian stalemate, the actual hand already behind the knife with blood, and the OTC still disk layout, wins the future. Group purchase most leading U.S. group has to group purchase, cultivating Hotel and film industry vertical. The public comment on the initial development of the local life services, buy is an important means to achieve its objectives. Baidu Nuomi as a piece of Baidu LBS sector, but also struggling to survive.

even looks at the field of group purchase almost "out" handle and Wowo, since last year also in the later struggle and transformation. Handle according to the insiders, after the handle is hisap acquired last year, and now the development of local life service platform based on the merchant side, the specific function will be announced in the near future. Wo Wo Group chairman Xu Maodong declared that the future income half from the electronic business platform services, announced that Wo Wo Group hopes the direction of reform.

world, both Lee, the world, all profits go to. In fact, all the layout and planning in order to have a place to live in the field of O2O services. However, O2O is already a piece of the red sea.

group purchase Ming War: knife with blood

2013 buy transaction volume of 35 billion 600 million, as of November, in 2014 the turnover has reached 77 billion 600 million. In 2014 data, the U.S. group, public comment, Baidu Nuomi transactions has significantly improved, full handle Wowo was not obvious. From the market share accounted for, the U.S. group, public comment, Baidu Nuomi share in a stalemate, no significant improvement, handle, Wowo, were decreased significantly.

(Note: This article uses group 800 data as a reference)


2014 buy market share, the original data sources, mission 800


2014 buy turnover curve


The change of

occurred in the group purchase transactions brisk growth, and market share data in a stalemate, like the calm waters are stormy. In order to maintain the current market share accounted for, we are quite spell.

at the beginning of last year, Baidu Nuomi to build 400 City, 300 city to complete the mission objectives, public comment to the new 100 City sub station. >