Ali Jingdong have issued rules or settled by the Qing shop selling it

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) full of fake electricity supplier, the possibility of cheap goods with the rules of the platform may be more stringent and gone forever. The day before, much concern of businesses open platform rules Jingdong officially released, and begin to implement. Compared with their peers, lower degree of tolerance for corruption and selling and open platform rules of Jingdong. Among them, the sale of counterfeit goods, imported goods without customs business may have been removed. At present, the platform "fake" is also the focus of the work of the Alibaba and other chiefs, in the last 22 days since the implementation of the most stringent anti-counterfeiting measures, to selling businesses take "extended punishment limit the right time" and "limited delivery" and "one of the inferior disposable closed shop" and a series of measures.

According to the Jingdong

released three sets of rules, their attitude towards selling close to "zero tolerance", "the provisions of the sale of counterfeit goods and the circumstances are serious, deducted 100 points each, businesses will not only produce 100 thousand yuan or all damages (two high), and may have been removed. At the same time, the seller will not be the same as the sale of imported goods will be subject to the same punishment. Previously, a business platform had to sell crabs by quality inspection bureau to stop yang.

coincidentally, business management points system to adjust recently, upgrade accentuates the selling behavior of many businesses. If there is a violation of the criminal record if the business again, will face a penalty of 24 points deducted, while the buckle will be closed for a total of 48 points.

in addition to punishment, Jingdong also gave the seller a number of olive branches. Among them, the use of Jingdong warehousing, distribution and other supply chain services will get points and additional benefits. In addition, recommend other platform sellers successfully settled, Jingdong use supply chain management services, three consecutive months of customer service satisfaction is higher than 98%, will receive bonus points of Jingdong, and with 1 points =100 yuan exchange ratio of red envelopes. If the store points greater than 100 points, but also to participate in the next year, the Jingdong open platform marketing activities.

Jingdong proprietary + platform business model, but also to allow the media to put the left hand right hand questioned. In this regard, the vice president of Jingdong mall, general manager of open platform division, said Ying Ying Chun, 3C products will take the lead in the realization of the category of Jingdong unified planning and management. On the basis of the unified management of the POP platform, the introduction of industry planning matrix management.

at present, the open platform brand resources has become the development of the electricity supplier chips. Large private enterprises in the increasingly fierce competition for resources. Previously, the electric business brand exposed require businesses in the platform "one of two". Therefore, some businesses have to use "eggs" to crack the business team.

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