Alibaba first e-commerce marketing division 2 million talent gap

recently, more than 150 foreign trade enterprises from the Shenzhen foreign trade enterprises in Shenzhen, Longhua participated in a special examination – Alibaba e-commerce (foreign trade) network marketing division exam. This is the first foreign trade e-commerce marketing division certificate training, examination. Through the system of foreign trade and e-commerce skills training, to enhance the business ability of existing foreign trade personnel, to help foreign trade enterprises to solve the electronic commerce foreign trade professionals structural contradiction.

"the rapid development of domestic e-commerce, more and more foreign trade enterprises began to use e-commerce platform to expand overseas markets. But e-commerce talent can not meet the growing needs of e-commerce professionals." Alibaba relevant person in charge of mr.. Many companies invested in the development of electronic commerce, but found that the lack of foreign trade personnel own e-commerce platform operation ability, can not effectively play the role of the platform, which hinder the pace of business development to a great extent.

according to the relevant data show that the next 5 years, Chinese in more than 3 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises, there will be half of the companies in the business will attempt or the use of e-commerce tools, domestic demand for electronic commerce talent will continue to expand. However, the domestic e-commerce professional training has not kept pace with. According to iResearch analysis of domestic famous institutions, the next 10 years, China’s e-commerce talent gap reached about 2000000, the general lack of e-commerce talents has become an important factor to hinder the application and development of e-commerce enterprises.

Shenzhen city Kang Ming Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a business of multifunctional LED lamp, flashlight, headlight, energy-saving lamp, emergency lamp, mosquito swatter, socket and other products of the company. Li Dichu, head of the company, said the company is now more than 20% annual rate of rapid development, the goal of the development of the industry to enter the top 5 in the past five years, which means that the future of e-commerce talent demand will grow exponentially.

in fact, not only Shenzhen Kang Kang Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen and the whole country as a whole, the foreign trade industry, there are such problems.

Shenzhen accent electric appliance Limited company general manager and chairman Lv Bo told reporters, although the company now has 10 foreign e-commerce personnel, but it can not meet the growing demand for business development company.

in response to this situation, the world’s leading small business e-commerce company Alibaba launched e-commerce (foreign trade) network marketing division training and examination. The main content of training and examination is to improve the comprehensive ability of foreign trade personnel in the knowledge of foreign trade and the knowledge of e-commerce operation. After passing the examination, these foreign trade personnel will be "Alibaba e-commerce (foreign trade) network marketing division" qualification certificate.

it is understood that the Alibaba will conduct a nationwide implementation of e-commerce (trade) network marketing engineer exam, help enterprises to enhance the comprehensive ability of foreign trade personnel in foreign trade skills and e-commerce applications, to help solve the e-commerce platform of small enterprises should be used to.

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