Ma Yun why do register the double eleven trademark

yesterday, chairman of Alibaba executive Ma group in an interview with CCTV mentioned Ali "double eleven" registered trademark, registered trademark is eleven and that of double protection, welcome everyone to use.

Ma Yun in answer to a reporter’s question about the first half of the Alibaba registered eleven trademarks of the original intention, said the double to globalization of the eleven. But how to China enterprise globalization, eat a lot of losses, especially in the trademark management, intellectual property rights, has been behind the others, if one day a national registered (double eleven), said their country, you have enough of a headache, this kind of thing often happens in our country, a person in the history of our country or other things into other countries.

so when our colleagues in the design, three years ago registered (double eleven trademark), we think that this must be a double eleven years of globalization, Ma said.

, however, of course we ma pointed out that the real starting point is not only the protection and development of an intellectual property right, we hope to bring the double eleven festival really become a consumer and manufacturing, a harmonious relationship, the business is to re create, this is our starting point.

therefore we welcome any person to use, in fact, this year we spent a lot of time to participate in many businesses, including the line department store, department store, but we put an end to the same thing, when the double eleven Festival malicious competition, oneself lose very high, damage the interests of consumers and other businesses hurt because, this is a carnival day, not to become uncomfortable, this is the starting point for us, "said ma.

double eleven this year, Alibaba is still generally in previous years, such as the introduction of online shopping data, and only when the use of 13 hours, Tmall transaction volume exceeded $35 billion, exceeding last year. Ma pointed out that: before we do not care about the number of times, I really care about the numbers, and now we care about the number of times, I worry about the number of things behind.


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