Four forms of depth analysis of the micro quotient and the future of the four models

Abstract: in a word, the micro business begins with the brand, the individual, the society and the platform.

today, more and more companies began to discuss micro business, whether it is a traditional enterprise or a new type of industry, they are increasingly focused on micro business in this new business ecology. From the circle of friends to buy WeChat shop to open up to the rise of the major micro business platform, micro business has gone through a C2C to B2C turn. Talk of a micro business is no longer confined to the circle of friends sellers, retail channels to expand, but as a new exploration to the center of the mobile social electricity supplier.

I will be from the micro quotient index, the distribution of the region, the commodity category and market norms for a comprehensive analysis.

from the Baidu index, the real outbreak of micro business began in June last year, which in 14 years in the year of 15 and in March reached its peak in the year of January. This time mainly due to some of the major cosmetics brands Han Shu, Si Si, Han began to settle in micro business, as well as Wanda, Suning, Gome and other traditional brands began to test the water micro business. A variety of marketing events, media reports, micro business conference will be micro providers to the peak.

through the Baidu index and the survey data of the third party, the author found that the current micro business mainly in Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang area. Mainly because of these places of reform and opening up the frontier, entrepreneurial atmosphere, a unique geographical advantage.

from the trading and purchase rate, the derivative product category mainly to beauty, gradually radiation to the maternal and child food, clothing and other fields. Based on the thought, bu Han beam, South Korea, and other brands of 100 index analysis, the author found that the beauty of derivative brand attention to follow high. From the second half of 2014 to 2015, in the micro business concern higher range, the main beauty brand ushered in a high degree of concern, with its high-profile Han beam marketing, attention than other brands, the market quickly to mask the growth rate of consumption of the brand beauty in fast.

market hot, causing the official attention and thinking of the micro market order

February 15, WeChat released a rectification illegal distribution mode behavior announcement, once found, will be a permanent title; in March 15th, WeChat released the "circle of friends" standard, on the circle of friends, micro business, content sharing a detailed specification, "NPC and CPPCC" during this year, the National People Congress, said the chairman of the board of directors of the Tencent Inc and CEO Ma Huateng accepted the media interview, micro business is very interesting, this has just started, I hope a lot of partners to do ", this is interpreted as the industry’s first high-rise micro view that WeChat official relaxation of derivative attitude.

at the beginning of January 2015, WeChat released the "third party service platform for micro micro business convention", the WeChat third party service provider perspective, from the initiative self-discipline and technical means to standardize the derivative transactions. For the third party service providers, only a healthy WeChat ecosystem to win micro business >

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