Suning said the 815 price war or into the norm of the industry watershed

(micro-blog) by Liu Qiangdong after the August 14th provoked appliance price war in open play less than half a month, seems soundless and stirless end. As the war was under the party, on Saturday, Suning Appliance deputy chairman Sun Weimin, Jin Ming, President of Suning Appliance, executive vice president Li Bin was interviewed by the media, for the first time publicly responded "Jing Su war". Sun Weimin this time the home appliance price war on the checking, that after this incident, the future electricity supplier of home appliances will move towards a more standardized direction.

price war is difficult to avoid

In an interview with

last Saturday, he has repeatedly reminded him that his views are not aimed at a particular company, and hope that the outside world will not have too much contact and interpretation.

When it comes to

, the electricity supplier of home appliances price war Sun Weimin said that the electricity supplier of home appliances in fact every day in the price war, the reason for the outbreak of such a large-scale price war and the cause of social concern, because the driver of two modes of the electricity supplier to the decisive moment, to fight it out. It is in accordance with the division of Tesco are industry driven business, Jingdong is a capital driven electricity supplier.

Sun Weimin believes that it is easy for the development of high speed, let the wind to invest some electricity supplier and behind the gold feel nervous, so the price war is a model for the electricity supplier can not avoid."

can not only rivers and lakes rules

Sun Weimin said, according to estimates this year’s domestic electricity supplier scale will reach about one trillion and one hundred billion, which is less than half the size of the B2C, more is C2C is the Taobao model in support of this, the electricity supplier companies also means huge potential. In such a case to the war, is actually some runescape way.

seems to be in the light of the electricity supplier needs to meet the needs of consumers, investors and corporate earnings in these three areas, or is bad rules. And the price war is not the channel to play will be able to fight, home appliance product pricing actually still rests in the hands of home appliance manufacturers.

is currently more of the rivers and lakes in the maintenance of the electricity supplier industry rules". Sun Weimin said, the relevant specification currently relevant state departments are stepping up the development of the electricity supplier industry, "the price war may be a watershed electricity supplier to regulate the development of the road, especially the electric appliances may thus farewell savage growth era."

electricity supplier cost is taken for granted

on Thursday, Gome (micro-blog) President Wang Junzhou said in an interview with the media, home appliance electricity supplier costs lower than home appliances is a misunderstanding. Although Sun Weimin did not give a direct response, but tactfully expressed his approval.


alone costing us a period inside physical stores and online shopping, find that the electric low operation cost concept is most probably it did not actually happen."

Sun Weimin revealed that the current Suning online >

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