Adsense network broadcast Jingdong blocked money paid navigation App into the free time

1 Internet lottery: the dilemma facing reshuffle cheating chaos will occur

lottery is a no sale, but also a very stable cash cow, just because the policy risk is too high, so the Internet lottery companies are very low-key, rarely appeared in public view. But the recent news of the acquisition of Aussies lottery network involved in the Internet lottery industry, this message is a two consecutive daily limit, from Wednesday’s 52 yuan or so now risen to 70 yuan or so, although not announcement confirmed that the people involved in the work but confirmed that at present in cooperation with Australia customers has been settled, the specific details of the cooperation did not reveal too much. This cooperation also allows the low-key low-key industry surfaced.

Of course this year,

capital news on the Internet lottery and more than that, for example, IDG Sequoia cast 5 million lottery network also wants to in the United States market during the year, intends to finance $150 million, compared with $80 million in Lanting Pavilion set of potential financing needs, which may be the United States this year, most of the IPO shares. A little bit earlier and the first video (listed company) 150 million acquisition of a Beijing Caiwang Bo and so on.

2 public comment will buy into the two or three tier cities

news August 29th, following the glutinous rice is Baidu holding after the public comment and the U.S. mission are pressure. According to public comment on internal sources, in the more than and 30 national key city, public comment on the group purchase business market share has exceeded the U.S. group, the second half of this year, the public comment will enter Zibo, Yantai, Weifang, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, Nantong, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Wenzhou, Nanchang and Dongguan 11 two or three line city, comprehensive snatch the two or three line of the city group purchase share.

this year, the number of mobile users end of the public comment on the two or three line of urban growth is extremely rapid, and its growth rate is currently in Shanghai and other big cities 15~25 times.

, however, due to the United States earlier to enter a number of two or three tier cities in the local market has a first mover advantage, public comment will not be so easy to enter. According to a recent news burst of the Internet, a three line city beauty group sales staff in order to check public comment into the local market, do not hesitate to use various improper means to force businesses to stop cooperation with the public comment.

a group of buyers in the field of analysts said, for local businesses, more willing to see a number of buy into, rather than a single large.

3 Jingdong after WeChat quietly after money paid through Tencent and blocked the relationship tends to break

August 28th news, there is news that Jingdong has just quietly blocked the third party payment company money through, the two sides went to the end of six years of cooperation.

from the beginning of August, have been found in the user, the money paid through the payment from Jingdong quietly disappear. This makes some users accustomed to the use of money to pay some feel suddenly.

it is understood that the money is

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