Capital renewed rumors Ali shares 360 Tencent investment Jingdong

January 9th morning news, following the 2013 acquisition of PPS, Iqiyi Tencent shares Sogou important capital operation after Chinese Internet in 2014 is likely to be usher in a more dramatic story. At least in the new year at the beginning, there are two heavy news, one is Ali shares 360, two Tencent investment Jingdong.

although the companies involved for rumors have declined to comment in response, but according to sources, Ali and 360, Tencent and Jingdong are in the capital level have been contacted, but it is not clear whether the final agreement.

Alibaba and 360

yesterday’s most important rumors to Alibaba shares 360, so many people do not believe rumors outflow. Although in recent years, the relationship between Alibaba and 360 have eased, but almost ten years ago, Ma and Zhou Hongyi openly contradictory.

when Zhou Hongyi left YAHOO after the name of anti malware banner, 3721, YAHOO assistant cleared completely, and Yahoo China had just been the acquisition of Alibaba, 360 Alibaba and began to evil, even Ma announced that all of its subsidiary business with Zhou Hongyi and never have any business investment company.

but this situation has improved in the past few years, especially in the layout of the 360 series of products can bring huge traffic, Ali put a lot of advertising on the 360. But with the increasing competition in the Internet industry, through the formation of investment mergers and acquisitions, the monopoly of the interests of the community as the center gradually formed, and there are signs of continued expansion.

as the saying goes, ten years of life and death of two years ago, the original ten evil of Alibaba and 360, now in the Internet industry although don’t have many friends, but there is a common enemy of Tencent and Baidu, through the capital operation to deepen alliances also be not at all surprising. At least from the acquisition of potatoes Youku start, what happens in the Internet industry has begun to become possible.

according to sources, Alibaba will invest Sina micro-blog way, by way of buying 360 shares to inject funds into the capital, while the flow of the system will be incorporated into the Alibaba 360. Like Sina to help realize the flow of micro-blog, Alibaba will also help 360 will be a lot of traffic into revenue.

although Alibaba and 360 are not to comment on the rumors, but the capital market is an attitude: 360 yesterday evening U.S. stocks rose more than 7%, the stock rose to the highest point in nearly 2 months.

Tencent and Jingdong mall

Tencent intends to invest in Jingdong mall rumors, in fact, last month it has spread in the investment banking circles. At the end of last December Liu Qiangdong American tour returning "comeback" communication meeting, Sina technology has Liu Qiangdong to verify the problem, he did not respond positively, only emphasized that "so far I haven’t done any IPO and consideration of financing".


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