Offbeat way to promote male street jingxian

              on the Internet yesterday, accidentally found that there are a lot of people and I like to see the street boy, they called him "male", this name is very funny.

            "male" I can find a job?

today, I have been thinking, the "male" I can find a job? No doubt stall is not a permanent solution, he should be through such means to find a good job for their own purposes, I said he wanted to prove his strength, he and I chat in the process also saw his strength a lot of people, holding their own writing resume and their education everywhere can not find a job, he will also come from this group! Now in Beijing to find a stable job is not an easy task, strength, ability, the boss also love, how can let the boss to find you need to consider this ability, the "male" by a street vendor to find a job is a good way.

"male" is not a person in combat

yesterday some net found stall is not a person, not only sell website, "male" is a total of 4 people,

they are a dragon service, from the above picture can be seen, they are to buy a website, website optimization, integrated marketing, website promotion. It is almost a complete set of network marketing service, why do they have such a professional team to set up a stall! Understand……

"male" to the Zhongguancun branch bank building door

I saw a half day popularity very busy, many people go to visit their "business", and the crowd of mostly white-collar workers, they can have so many white-collar workers see them in what place? I found that they are in the "silver building" in front of the door, because I often go to Zhongguancun, so I was familiar with, as far as I know there are a lot of "Silver Tower" well-known IT enterprises, how dare they in this place is indeed something.

"male" by this method received a list of


from the picture to see someone and they want to contact them, such marketing is what marketing? I gave them the name of "vendor marketing", they combine traditional marketing to realize network marketing, is very good, I have seen people back when he had said they were post what a fool, I don’t think so, if they find a job is the best of both worlds, not only to find their own battlefield, also received a list. Good luck to them!!!

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