Telecommunications fraud chain and zhuangshui night watchman

2015, the country has 22 billion 200 million yuan from the victim’s account to defraud criminals account. Is a telecommunications fraud gangs frequently "borrow" telecom operators and banks, how to play the role of "night watchman"



source: Vision China

Shenzhen city residents Luo can have recently been a day as many as 20 telephone marketing business problems.

Luo Chan told reporters interface, father of a company registered in his identity card information, do not tell others. As for how the message is by businesses that Luo can also say not clear, he is sure that their rent in the housing intermediary, or membership card when the information in a business has been leaked, and the use by others.

in the same city, the same personal information is leaked, Ang Lee suffered more painful. Returned overseas, Ang Lee returned to Shenzhen, a state-owned enterprise. In April 2015, a self proclaimed "staff" of the Shanghai public security organs to call on Ang Lee, according to the call number, Ang Lee call the Shanghai 114 query, Shanghai City Public Security Bureau confirmed as a phone number, which makes Ang Lee on tenterhooks.

phone, the Shanghai public security organs staff claimed that a parcel of Ang Lee was intercepted by the customs, found in the package of drugs and firearms and other contraband. Ang Lee found that the other side of the information and their personal information, so choose to believe.

Shanghai public security organs, said, may be due to the disclosure of information after Ang Lee was used by others, you need to prove innocence Li Anzi, the property is transferred to the designated security account for investigation. Ang Lee did this, the other side also proposed, Ang Lee also need to own a house for sale, the proceeds paid to the security account.

then, under the guidance of the other side, Ang Lee called his father to turn a few million dollars to his account, and then transferred to the full security account.

the end of a phone "and not mentioned any mention of the matter, the face of his father’s questioning, Ang Lee remained silent. Before he was deceived and reported to the case, the amount remitted to the other side of the account has been as high as 19 million yuan. Police are still investigating the case.

similar telecommunications fraud cases occur, mostly in the source of the victim’s personal information is leaked.

was placed on the shelf personal information


source of citizen information to divulge personal information of citizens is to master the resources of land and resources, civil aviation, banking, telecommunications operators, hospitals and other units, which may also include public security system.

fraud Gang want to know personal information, almost all can be purchased online." A person close to the public security system told reporters at present, interface, personal information leakage problem is very serious, and a lot of information have been clearly marked, just like in the shelf for customers to purchase goods.

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