How to promote enterprise products on B2B platform

B2B is a platform for B2B sales platform, Chinese representative B2B platform: Alibaba, HC, the world factory, China manufacturing net and so on. These platforms can promote enterprise products above, increase the exposure of the product.

platform selection

above B2B platform are charging members and free members, in the enterprise in the B2B platform to promote their products, recommend the use of multiple platforms, select one or two do paying members, because paying members will automatically B2B platform products recommended to the needs of the user, paying members than the free membership ranking (show) before. Select the payment platform to first analyze the B2B platform above the number of user needs, the platform’s visibility, B2B site weight, to make the product display in the needs of users, so that the most effective product promotion.

information perfect


registered members, we need to improve the enterprise information, company name, registered capital, time of establishment, business license and so on, all the information is true, do not exist false information, so that the entire page is full, so that users can understand the enterprise information in detail.

product release

1, no matter what the industry, the choice of column classification when you want to select the relevant columns.

2, the product title is not the longer the better, according to the product description to fill in the title. The title of the key word inside the content also appear. Many people love to write long title, for example: network marketing _ enterprise network marketing _ enterprise network marketing program, such a title which contains a number of keywords, the weight of each keyword will be very bottom, not get good rankings. We can write "the enterprise network marketing program" this title contain 3 key words "network marketing" and "marketing plan" and "enterprise network marketing plan" is the keyword segmentation technique.

3, each industry product parameters are different, we have to fill in according to their products. The best parameters related to the product written, we can also add some product parameters to the title.

4, add the content we should pay attention to the quality of the article, it is the enterprise multi entry products are briefly described, this is totally inconsistent with the user experience, we can add the product details in the content, principle, purpose, customer service service and so on, as long as the information description, is definitely a good this article.

stick to update

registered a B2B membership is equal to add a subset of the web to the enterprise, to promote products on the B2B website, there will be updated frequently, now B2B platform has a retransmission function, the retransmission function is equivalent to the platform above, to update the content, content update, ranking will appear ascension, so we often point our products will repeat priority display in front of users.

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