Combined with network marketing to establish the effective value of brand keywords

The effective value of

Xiao Bian today to talk about the main way to combine network marketing brand keywords, we all know that a brand is obviously for a company or a product, a website set up their own brand keywords is the same reason, because of the impact of brand keywords with high conversion rate, the degree of competition, optimization from the outside of the chain and can quickly improve the visibility of the site.

so how to combine the way of network marketing to do our brand keywords? Small make up here to provide some methods and ideas, we hope to help.

the first to do brand keywords marketing layout, to occupy the top three ranking brand keywords traffic entrance, to ensure that users in the search keywords into the brand is your own website. And brand keywords can not be negative.

then how to allow users to search brand keywords, so we need to through the third party authority page for our brand keywords, such as Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar know Baidu pictures, ask, answer, users may be more trust in these platforms, we in these large sites do some knowledge. To enhance the visibility of our brand, let more users to search keywords our brand. Because the third party platform has a certain influence, if we use our own website to publicize our own products, users will not believe, because there is no authority. Third party platform to solve the problem of our credit is more important than the other, allowing users to see other users of our evaluation. If we solve the problem of credit, we sell products is certainly no problem, as long as we move the user, the user will be directly into the purchase. In this way we can use the key words for the site to import traffic and improve conversion rate is a very big role.

then how do we do third party platform?

first to do needs analysis, is that you do this brand of the user’s specific needs of his words, what are the characteristics of the user. If your brand word is some technology, users need to exchange, then we need to do a Post Bar, normally a Q & a demand, we need to do Baidu know the question and answer, because Baidu know almost answering to these credit is very high, but the rankings are relatively good. In addition, you have to do according to the characteristics of the industry.

at the same time we have to do is the platform included test and influence platform collection. For example, we found that some of the platform, send some article to the flat, test included effect, if included, and ranked, so we can focus on the content and layout of these platforms, so be sure to do the testing and analysis, so it can occupy user groups, because this is the important position of your marketing.

has a third party authority page, then what should we do?

content is very important, we should always know how to accumulate resources, the accumulation of resources is the core of marketing, then I

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