Kaka SEO 5 suggestions on website promotion

is now very the owners have their own website, because the establishment of a website is too simple, even if you have not the slightest knowledge ", there are also many online website templates download or sell the source program. As the saying goes "Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult, and is now facing the webmaster" website promotion website easy to difficult ", when we extend for a period of time, sometimes simply do not find good promotion methods and ideas, like a headless flies like a fly everywhere. Through hard work, there is no several effective IP. So how can we develop a website in the best way? Personally think that the promotion in the site is important, but we must do some promotion of preparatory work, as the saying goes, "a good beginning is half of success", here according to some experience before me here and to share about


1: Web Designer

personal feeling this point is very important, when visitors open when our site, they first feel this strange website is very important, this is they continue to leave the reason to browse. It is not only the living standard of people increased, the level of knowledge of the Internet is also significantly improved, you think of a crudely made website can keep visitors to? Although we do not pursue our website into a work of art, but at least give people the feeling to be comfortable! So when the website design

, art is the key!

two: content enrichment

personally feel that this is the most important place for a website, can be said to be the soul of a website. Why do you want to stay in your website? The answer is certainly hope to find the content they want here, this time even if your art almost, good content can still attract visitors. Of course, there should be the content of the original or false original, the content of the website is not only look to the search engines, more important is to give the viewer, so when we were with the new website content, must write some of our users really useful and helpful articles, otherwise, although able to win the search engine’s favor, but our users do not love. In fact, we are now a lot of stationmaster ignores this point (including myself sometimes do, here review), just please search engine, but users feel good content is really the best content, they are our god.

three: user experience

this is a tool for users to browse the site smoothly. For example, member registration function, not only can they be able to enjoy more services on the site, but also can increase the website of all degrees, such as the station search function, can be very convenient for visitors to find the content they want, but also can lead them into more interested in when the most appropriate. Page. For example, the function of online message, you can let the webmaster and the user better interactive communication, through which we can find defects in the site and other issues. This is like us

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