The new tourism brand marketing network tiger after reflection

with a digital camera and film camera in the hunter Zhou Zhenglong Southern China tiger photos released after two days, Zhenping county forestry bureau of the door hung a new brand of wild tiger protection office Southern China Zhenping county. Certainly, in the eyes of local people, the Southern China tiger, will become the most shining Zhenping, name card China typical forestry county in the next few years.

Zhen Ping officials did not think that Zhou Zhenglong shot the tiger, a month triggered national debate, let this town in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. The voices of doubt overwhelming, down to the ordinary users, and Chinese experts, even reached the "times" and "science" magazine, even in 26, NetEase show 71 original tiger after the question is still not disappeared.

can be seen, no matter from what point of view, the Southern China tigers will become the 07 China and another intriguing classic vocabulary. Tile flying, Southern China tiger incident as a classic case of a tourism destination brand marketing, seems to have been valued by the people.

what is the tourism brand, popular, the brand is a certain grade brand. Reflected in the tourism product, should be recognized by the majority of tourists brand. When tourists recognize the same time, tourism brand can form

, that is to say, how a scenic brand should be obtained after all, the ultimate tourist identity, then, get a higher reputation, is the domestic said, more big brands. But quite a lot in the domestic tourism destination, it seems only get higher and larger brands, in order to have a better brand, some personal selfishness to throw them, which have the order reversed way of branding, is quite popular at present in china. In fact, the National Nature Reserve or 5A level scenic spots, or even the world cultural heritage, the last return, should be most willing to buy a tourist tickets, and other income caused by this ticket.

at present, Zhenping county related plans and the tiger to follow the prescribed order according to plan, before them, by the Southern China tigers fame, will soon approved the National Nature Reserve, and to reshape the county enterprise culture, the economic development of the enterprise "plan, has entered the town in the main leadership work agenda.

local people still seem to experience on the network for the entire battle intensified slobber tourism brand great destruction in Zhenping county forestry bureau, Tan Dapeng is pondering, established in the nature reserve, using far infrared camera equipment, take the Southern China tiger trail, recorded the tiger howling for visitors to play……

the emergence of the Internet, so that the traditional single tourism marketing strategy in the brand is king in twenty-first Century is difficult to work. Resort to advertising, PR, exhibition, Internet and other means of marketing, put a soft figure, let the tourists into a relatively stable and uniform impression of the tourism destination, and shaping the brand, generate emotional identity, become the consensus of many scenic spots.


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