How to make the King Station

I am

from 2004 started the station had just SP high prevalence of the time was not what local control nor what local planning management earn good money I earn is not more than a month of 1-3 million a month to earn 10 master course with tens of thousands of them out after all I was rookie they are old bird

SP no later countries began planning the management of this industry slowly cooling down, then ushered in is GG AD. ~ the beginning did not think of cheating got two site updated daily daily maintenance, IP2000 two stand number. The daily advertising costs a few dollars to do more than 4 months less than 100 knife ah thought and finished my network and lost the dream of getting rich! Later in Baidu and Akira found a GGAD group was added to cheat, oh ~ this is a plus it doesn’t matter which is full of cheating master,. See the GG AD account set up some thousands of knife tens of thousands, I suspect that there is to start with them, then understood the dumpster then attracted some flow within the group each point, then I also get involved in how much money earned until 2007 ~ 07 years in GG AD there have been no point but not like now so serious price low to cancel the promotion of

07 years in April found the word "SEO", is fashionable, chasing the limelight, up to SEO more than two months also know some fur began to optimize my local station optimization and two months ah ~ the effect is not ideal, but the ideal ranking is flow rate is too low, then tried to do some popular words because the technology is not at home, did not catch up with the hot.

my heart in a cold is my dream of getting rich really want to lose


continue to seek development opportunities ~ remember that one person said, the opportunity to create your own I will try to create opportunities, I started a dumpster travel produced more than a dozen garbage station, just some good optimization hey flow more than 40 thousand, I have all the advertising alliance up. The work pays off and not a small income, the feeling is not satisfied

people always not satisfied when continue to do and made dozens of tired of my own death serious mental stimulation time, completely upside down others during the day, I had the night.

later think of doing so is too tired to stand, can not stand the way to get an automatic ha ha began to learn a variety of acquisition tools, learning almost all with automatic, but with the use of lazy


is only semi automatic and automatic is not to study automatic for his friends he said he is a secondary programmer because of what is only one reason for the network protocol is not proficient in both hard ~ of a set of procedures to achieve automatic. This time not much light darling manual acquisition to also don’t need to look at him, the input >

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