A coup marketing promotion website stickiness multiplier

every webmaster want to operate their own website can make a lot of money, and now basically can not see those interested in the operation of the website of the public welfare of the webmaster, if you want to have, it is also a very small part. The website money looks simple, but when actually doing, but that’s not easy at all, especially the sustainable profitability, is even more difficult, this is because many websites attractive for users is very low due to the the short-term profit site, but also because of abnormal through a variety of marketing methods, will flow over fraud, but obviously, this marketing approach is clearly not long enough.

thus to sustainable profitability, we must constantly improve the number of loyal users of the site, the user is not the number of those who buy one or see a go traffic, but in the website, and can be repeated consumption, the number of households with loyalty, that is to say the website must with high viscosity, can enhance the site’s sustainable profitability, which is the biggest problem facing the webmaster website.

so how to solve the website stickiness problem? I think we can from the following three aspects to do, and do very carefully can be successful, said these may be quite simple to use these methods apply, it must be through a lot of practice, don’t be afraid of failure. By means of theory and Practice can better enhance the site’s profitability.

first, the design of the site can attract


website has its own unique style, and their website design is not the content of publicity has a high similarity, which determines the appeal of the website, to allow users to become loyal users, let the site has a certain viscosity, then starting from the first impression is a very crucial step, why many enterprise Promo production, through professional designer name card, VI and a variety of image design, its purpose is to highlight the image of the enterprise, so that enterprises can have a certain appeal in the eyes of the user, allowing users to feel that this enterprise is very kind, it points to the enterprise to a certain extent, and enhance their own credibility, website the design is like the appearance of the enterprise, designed to highlight the personal style and the collocation of content and services, so that it can improve the website First impression。

two, content to keep people

want to improve the site sticky, the key content of the website is to retain people, so how to retain people? Do not collect, pseudo original original OK? OK? If these content creation alone separates the construction of website, the author believes that. If you want to stay, the creation of the content, whether it is original or false original, as long as your site to the target user help, even if the content is good, but as a webmaster should pay attention to the pseudo original acquisition and the proportion of the original, not to let the site because of the large number of acquisition and pseudo original and search engine so even if you abandon the whole.

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