Honey Amoy cross-border electricity supplier was acquired by the end of the Warring States Period

editor’s note: 36 received an anonymous submission krypton is this article.

Unicorn did not come

in recent days, the cross-border electricity supplier circle spread honey Amoy was acquired, the founder and other information can be heard without end. The first time we contacted the honey Amoy founder Xie Wenbin, he did not deny this information, did not disclose who is the acquirer, but from the chat can feel, Xie Wenbin very helpless.


honey Amoy was acquired just a case of cross-border electricity supplier in this arena, was acquired is reasonable, we can get from other sources, honey Amoy most employees after the Spring Festival to work in Jingdong, honey Amoy office in Wangjing has also moved from. This may give us some new information. Whether the Jingdong like tonight hotel special offer as to absorb the honey Amoy team, we shall not, but from the employee status, the Jingdong of cross-border layout and the urgent need for a team to solve the problem of cross-border, there is feasibility.

honey Amoy was founded in 2013, formerly known as the CN sea Amoy, the beginning of the line through the introduction of a one-stop sea Amoy mode had repeatedly reported 36 krypton. Xie Wenbin said on many occasions, when they are developing honey Amoy first version, Tmall international is being measured.

honey Amoy formally launched in 2014 of March, has access to A round and B round of financing, and then the whole industry emerged a wave of sea Amoy venture company, cross-border electricity supplier has become the most popular vocabulary in the year of 2014. Then in November 2014, and introduced the five black honey Amoy shopping Carnival concept, make cross-border expand from a minority population to the general population.

and then a lot of cross-border business start-up companies began to gain the favor of institutional investors, such as honey bud baby, ocean terminal, little red book, in the words of Xie Wenbin in 2014, they are doing a thing: 2014 is the first year of cross-border barbaric growth.

is also at this time, they have begun to face a lot of pressure, because the giants have been unable to sit still. At the same time, Jingdong, poly America, vip.com, Tmall, Taobao, NetEase and other strong began to cross the border. In particular, the United States together, the whole business transformation for cross-border electricity supplier, the market began to become chaotic. The next 2015, leaving the start-up company window period has less than half a year. At the same time, the government is trying to adopt a policy approach to guide the market, thus a strong cross-border electricity supplier and the success of overseas consumption to return.

July 2014, the General Administration of Customs issued a series of "cross-border trade of Electronic Commerce on the entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory issues notice" and "on the way to code additional customs supervision notice" is the industry known as the "56" and "57", from the policy level to recognize the cross-border e-commerce, at the same time approved by the general bonded mode, the move was widely recognized.

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