Analysis of Alibaba’s acquisition of domain name alidaddy

on the purpose of this article: I hope Alibaba acquisition domain

about Alibaba and its main founder Ma

according to Alexa ranking according to the number of customer visits, Alibaba is the world’s number one international trade and domestic trade market. Its focus is to provide efficient and reliable trading platform for buyers and sellers from China and around the world. Our international trade website ( is mainly aimed at global import and export trade, the Chinese website ( for domestic buyers and sellers. As of June 30, 2007, a total of more than 24 million Chinese and English websites from more than more than and 200 countries and regions. Alibaba, as the flagship of Alibaba group, is also one of the world’s leading e-commerce brands. Alibaba two times by the American magazine "authoritative financial Forbes" as one of the best B2B sites worldwide, many times by the relevant institutions as the world’s most popular B2B website, outstanding website, business class China Chinese 100 outstanding website, Chinese best trade network. Since the establishment of the Alibaba, the world’s more than a dozen languages, more than and 400 well-known news media on the Alibaba’s follow-up report has never been interrupted by the media as " the real world class brand ".


chairman and chief executive officer of Alibaba group (B2B), chairman and non-executive director of

Mr. Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba group, has been chairman and chief executive officer of Alibaba group since its establishment in 1999. Mr. Ma Yun is responsible for the Alibaba group and the company’s overall strategy and policy. It can be said that Mr. Ma is a leader in electronic commerce, the network of rivers and lakes took a guest, Mr. Ma in CCTV "win in China" brilliant comment is to become the spiritual leader of the majority of entrepreneurs.

more than the introduction is not comprehensive, more understanding can be found on the Internet or, I will not be mentioned here.

reason for the acquisition of

1, Alibaba education website

: this Alibaba should have their own training base (of course, may already have), although I have not worked at Alibaba, but I think the Alibaba within the company must have a perfect training system, but I was referring to a higher level, since the Alibaba has developed a very talented, it is also training more talents (from large-scale recruitment can be known), so why not set up a special talent training network school, one hand can be used to their own talent reserves, on the other hand can develop a large number of available talent, I believe that the strength of Alibaba, also believe that Alibaba can cultivate outstanding >

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