Let the user re interpretation of the media business blindly.


focus when the electricity supplier competition from the price war to the quality of the products, the media began to highlight the role of the media, so the electricity supplier of fashionable words, however, kobun found that media electricity supplier does not appear in the Baidu Encyclopedia


April 8th, cross-border electricity supplier will lose the price advantage, because the relevant preferential policies will be canceled, the cross-border electronic business platform is trying to find a breakthrough, or opportunity! Magic is the "media NetEase koala resorted to the electricity supplier of


cross-border electricity providers do is foreign products, for consumers, know foreign brands less and less, how to let more foreign brands to let the user know, perhaps, only through continuous media, in order to form a concept in the minds of users at the same time, these foreign "brand", because "origin poor family, relatively speaking, compared with the big brands, still has a price advantage, this may be one of the main reasons for the media business of


in the traditional electronic business platform, but also suffered a crisis of confidence. This year 3.15 CCTV exposure of the Taobao shop from all the "brush", which was once considered the most fair evaluation system is in crisis, and, in the electronic business platform B2B has become the mainstream trend of today, the electricity supplier operating costs rising year by year, if you dare to shout "the lowest", no doubt is the self destruction, in this regard, some large electricity providers have begun to seek the road of brand, April 1, 2016 Internet brand starry the formal establishment of the Korean media, "Korean media department Han Douyi house electricity supplier group brand incubator and operation of ecological system supporting one of the plates is based on data driven by big data platform to build the media independent, planning and resource integration, professional team and channel to become the Internet brand planning and accurate communication mainly."

in fact as early as 2014, the Alibaba had to test the water media business, launched the code Amoy is a Ali a bold attempt, it is reported that Ali had the idea is to let the media as an industry marketing outlet, in fact is for goods and media rich Ali both flow (whether traditional or online digital terminal) issued a conspiracy. Affected by Ali, was born in Hangzhou, a pocket through the entrepreneurial projects, but also to take the electricity supplier of the media approach, two years later, the two projects are still in the water, there is no improvement!

‘s point of view, although the media business to be optimistic about the industry, but still can not find a breakthrough, the reason, the media business is a complex concept, on the one hand the traditional media in the Internet under the profit pattern of declining and are seeking change, on the other hand, some people from the media have marketing minds. Begin to use their own personal charm in the promotion of products, for Internet Co, want to get sustainable development, the price may not always be effective, only through the media means to enhance the additional attributes of the product, we have such idea, but because from different channels, and different, not gathered into a river! "

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