Small and medium-sized enterprises to do a good job of e-commerce fatal injuries

through a number of e-commerce sites a large number of analysis and observation found that there are too many small and medium enterprises to conduct e-commerce is not good. Analysis of the reasons, we found that there are several fatal injuries".

first, awareness or attitude is not enough attention.

2008 statistics show that China’s total B2B e-commerce has exceeded the three trillion mark, but also to continue to grow at a high rate. It is no exaggeration to say that in the future will not be able to do a good job of e-commerce enterprises will be mercilessly eliminated. But now, many enterprises especially the boss believes that the current business can, treat the attitude of electronic commerce is not essential, or try to do it, nor do.

in such an attitude or sense of control, a large number of enterprises in the process of building and development of e-commerce enterprises slow. Today, farmers have access to the Internet, there are some small and medium enterprises even the computer did not even.

second, lack of management and maintenance.

a large part of the foundry business also attaches importance to e-commerce, and many e-commerce platform to pay, the effect is still not ideal. The reason why these companies since the end of the money almost no longer visit the site, and missed a lot of business opportunities.

compared to the normal practice is that every enterprise in the e-commerce platform login account on the background, opportunities, view messages, release of supply and demand information, industry information reading and price quotes, of course, have time can do more.

third, not patient enough.

a lot of companies have just begun to deal with the enthusiasm of e-commerce is very high, almost every day to crawl on the site and other customer phone news release. After a period of time found that there is no obvious effect, so their e-commerce temperature quickly cooled down. The effect of all commercial marketing has a late extension, e-commerce is no exception. For example, according to a large number of data show that the effect of TV ads in the first three months after the show.

small and medium sized enterprises is the right thing to operate their own e-commerce platform account every day, constantly updated news, this will ensure that your enterprise information is not the competitor’s information cover and let the customer feel present the enterprise management status is positive.

fourth, no talent.

said here does not mean that e-commerce professionals professional talents, which refers to the information on the e-commerce website to be analyzed and processed into actual business results of people. The operation of electronic commerce is becoming more and more simple, will send and receive e-mail can operate e-commerce. Many companies do not have a business experience to deal with a large number of business information, so that enterprises lose their understanding of competitors, market opportunities, business opportunities.


approach is appropriate, so there is a certain business ability and enterprise operation ability of people overall analysis of electronic commerce information processing system, the establishment of long-term mechanism.

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