Network domain name restrictions will be relaxed free to create personalized domain name

Trush, chairman of

ICANN, said: "this is a historic decision, it will bring great changes to the Internet style and mode of operation."

currently, the world’s 160 million Internet domain name is about the end of the top 250 domain names, including representatives of countries and regions of the world domain name, as well as.Com and.Net and other common domain names. Due to the depletion of existing domain names in 2011, ICANN must find solutions for the rapidly rising domain name requirements.

according to the new system, in the third quarter of 2009, the world’s 1 billion 300 million Internet users are free to use a common word, brand, company name, city or name as a top-level domain name. For example, the German city of Berlin can apply for the domain name.Berlin, companies and enterprises can be added to the brand name in the site.

trouche said, this reform "from a business perspective very exciting", "we expect to see the individual enterprises to apply for.Perfume (perfume) and.Wine (wine) and.Silk (silk) and other kinds of products as a top-level domain name".

ICANN president, said the domain name registration program specific details still need 3 to 4 months to complete, is expected to start next year in the second quarter will be able to accept the domain name registration application. Toomey said, each new domain are required to pay a high cost $six figure ", to allow ICANN to the non-profit organization to recover the investment of $20 million (about 27 million 330 thousand dollars) development cost.

but the report also pointed out that the porn industry may apply to apply.Xxx as an adult website domain name, has sparked heated debate. ICANN said that they would not become "legal and moral arbiter", but will develop a dispute resolution mechanism, allowing anyone to a domain object.

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