E-commerce in the next 10 years to usher in a blowout war October re combustion

in October, the first school on behalf of e-commerce will be a grand opening in Shanghai, more than 500 well-known business executives will gather, Taobao, pat, ah, Jingdong, global, 6688, Newegg red child, VANCL and many other industry leaders will be the hot electricity supplier in the future.

back in 1999, Ma Yun founded the Alibaba, a "electronic commerce" whirlwind, the earliest Chinese network, in 2004, he first proposed the concept of "network business", today "network" has become a source of unlimited potential and ideal.

ten years, an enlightenment; in the past ten years, an industry cycle; in the past ten years, an industry inflection point.

2009 sent on behalf of the annual meeting, the rise of the turning point of


09 years sent on behalf of the annual meeting, will write an important footnote for business development in ten years.

electronic commerce has 10 years of stride forward singing militant songs, many network operators to change their own destiny through e-commerce. The experience of the global economic crisis, more and more traditional enterprises have tasted the sweetness of the Internet, enter the e-commerce market have become a member of the network. However, changing the Internet times, new opportunities and risks are constantly emerging, high level, the lack of depth of communication industry, the network to have ideal vision for experience in this way, many electricity providers on behalf of the annual meeting of senior school, and ran the "electronic commerce, pragmatic focus, depth of communication" come.

will focus on the global development of the organizers, the environment China local electricity supplier companies, e-commerce development trends at home and abroad, Chinese online shopping users change, business enterprise supply chain management, and electronic commerce industry development environment closely related to innovation, opportunity and challenge of a number of issues peak dialogue, this is unique in the ten year history of the development of the network.

China Internet users after years of development, has exceeded three hundred million, the relevant data shows that online shopping users accounted for 30% of the entire population of Internet users, this means that Chinese has 100 million users of the online shopping market, and the number is still increasing. On behalf of the school year will give the eyes, facing the huge market potential that is exciting, and pressing, "electronic commerce" restrict "the scale of the development of relations with the entrepreneurial success, but the supply chain network is not fight a lone battle, cooperation, management and marketing network is not the two Dharma in behalf of the school year the number of network operators to seek answers in depth interaction.

hundreds of millions of people and electronic business, and "net goods" are closely related; tens of millions of people and "net interest. Behalf of the school year will also be on the business arena, will also become enlightened and entrepreneurs to share network watershed development for ten years.


government has become the network to "escort", the development of power industry

2008, China’s online shopping transactions for the first time exceeded 100 billion, reaching 120 billion, online shopping crowd also increased to 120 million. 10 years of e-commerce development

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