Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong win in the background

this is obviously an ambiguous title, the so-called "background" is not the usual sense of the relationship between the background and the cause, but behind the electronic commerce website, the real success of things: operational efficiency, cost control and logistics services. Why is unknown to the public Jingdong interview online mall, because it is a "miracle", have no fame, no huge popularity, but more than 300% annual rate of growth, the first half of 2009 sales will reach 1 billion 450 million, and the 5 years of its registered users had only 3 million people, compared with the electronic business website hundreds of millions of registered users, it is a very small number.


This is the three

number is not commensurate with the success of Liu Qiangdong felt "Jingdong mall 80% are old users, repeat purchase rate is very high, which is sufficient to explain the problem, only by new users to improve sales performance is terrible".

said the head of Liu Qiangdong, the investor Xu said, "I talked with him for a night on the decision to invest to the Jingdong store, a sociology of people who spent 10 hours, from one school to another school self programming, but also not a nerd, reading can be programmed to make money" big brother ", bought the market very early, that he felt very good".

in addition to the market feeling, Liu Qiangdong and the "where the money is" super sense of smell, insist on only one thing well determination and confidence, finished his interview, the greatest experience is success is never accidental.

rely on their own sweat, do a good thing

traced Liu Qiangdong to do business talent is genetic, this is his family Hunan sailing family, a public-private partnership property, ships were confiscated when, parents become workers, but in 1989 the policy permitted the opening of private economy, Liu Qiangdong’s parents bought a 9 ton boat, start a business, they told Liu Qiangdong, a person for a lifetime to do one thing well, rely on their own hard-earned life. Parents say this to establish the values of Liu Qiangdong’s life: adhere to, focus on doing one thing.

he’s the kind of person who can’t find a way out of a perfect life. Could enter the Physics Department of Tsinghua university entrance examination scores, but a strange combination of circumstances into the Sociology Department of Renmin University of China, when he learned that the employment rate is very low, but who did not copy the envelope, unable to get up after a fall, 3 cents a copy, a month can earn 2000 yuan…… At the same time to the western suburbs of Beijing, a Mentougou Military Institute to learn programming by bike every day, and by the program to earn hundreds of thousands in college students become the richest people. Senior, Liu Qiangdong first venture, opened a restaurant. "At that time thought that as long as they can treat employees, I work hard, not only to improve their living conditions, but also gave each employee a Casio, but their purchases in secretly hands and feet, and less than a year, the restaurant will be the demolition, I was.

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