Do the forum to promote the eight ultimate skills

network promotion momentum is extremely hot, a variety of techniques can be seen everywhere, the network has even formed a separate industry promotion. For a personal webmaster, network promotion this one I appreciate the forum promotion. Cannot do without the promotion of Forum Forum network communication platform, the forum webmaster, familiar, webmasters to use text or picture form to promote their own information, the use of the forum of high flow let users know their sales of products or services, making the influence and degree of communication. If you want to use a word to sum up the Forum promotion, that is – through the forum to enhance visibility.

I’m a forum administrator, is responsible for the management of a large forum moderators, both in my own forum, or A5, Chinaz this forum, many webmaster registered a small advertising sent directly, and is a very bad nature of direct advertising, each plate hair many times are there. We consider this information by other users and you will see how such ads directly are deleted, and may be the title, no IP. I used to write an article to promote this kind of forum, your boss is really a waste of money to hire you.

today, I sum up my eight Forum promotion methods, hoping to help you, you do not have to use all the best, the most commonly used to achieve the ultimate, you are in the industry is the top.

is one of the "

eight Forum promotion methods mingle

Forum promotion, must let oneself appear in front of the other forum users, the so-called mixing a familiar is the truth. Our society is a personal feeling, as long as you and people are familiar, many things will be easier. We can often see in a few webmaster forums have a lot of space XXXX’s sales staff, on the amount of post are hundreds, and friendly, amiable, often webmaster forum webmaster may know their specific names, I will not say, everybody knows. This is very typical of the "mix" promotion forum.

eight Forum promotion methods two "clothes make the man"

mixed in the forum, if you do not feature, then destined to play the role of a passerby, do not imagine the next promotion products can achieve much good results.

if you don’t want to play soy sauce, I give you three suggestions: first the registered name must be Chinese, in English or Pinyin is inferior, even if you know these letters do not feel special; second head head is very important, must be able to stimulate the brain, do not upload no feature picture, it is best to let other people you see a picture you can think of; speak to have third characteristics, when it was used by the cultural forum of irrigation, a month down the equivalent of people mixed 2 years’ experience in the forum or installed B or Dili technology, "passing", "top" and "thank you" and so on is the lowest. Language characteristics of the forum to promote long-term hand down absolutely mixed.


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