WeChat limit the number of friends, you also WeChat marketing


first statement: This article is soy sauce! If you think good knowledge of IQ, please directly to know; if you want to learn to make money as a direct marketing, for Taobao University; if you want to gain wealth through entrepreneurship, immediately buy lottery tickets. For the rest of the world, listen to WeChat’s gossip story, and I promise it’s true that you haven’t heard it before:

Wenzhou L Jun Jiaxing overnight in Pinghu, boring open WeChat, WeChat and several friends fruit. One of them is warranted, several can be said to the hotel room immediately L Jun. L Jun suspicion, asked: "what are you male or female?" he said: "frankly, man. But, I do everything about women." L Jun panic, immediately delete friends, so as to avoid the Huang Haibo cup.

in addition to this type of LBS applications, WeChat is currently being complained about the 3 big silly: chicken soup, overseas purchasing, induced forwarding. Circle of friends to sell purchasing cosmetics, micro-blog moved to the large circle of friends, these needless to say. But make a saying: "a few seconds to go lucky", "to let XXX know earlier, XX had to expose the secret, this is not the loss of IQ? It is intolerable to many units look solemn, judgment and wisdom of the leadership of subordinates in front is to endure! This is not, do not blow! So, in the 520 section of the confession of second, 521 in the morning, WeChat marketing from the world of anecdotal news:

: "[WeChat] notice significant changes continue to suppress the circle of friends, circle and support brand WeChat public account value: from yesterday, WeChat’s" personal friend + account public concern, where the group can not exceed five thousand. Otherwise, it can not continue to add. Even if the original number of friends more than 5000. You in the circle of friends issued by the article you can only randomly sent to you 5000. Another: just received accurate information within the Tencent, in the next 5 to 6 days, Tencent will make a network security census, will be closed a large number of personal micro signal and public platform number. A lot of micro business has been caught, and you sell it and cherish it! "In less than an hour, someone added: Tencent public relations director

reply, the news is true!

so, 521 this day, the day of WeChat marketing people is spent in the deleted friends. What is more, a good horse, at noon the same day wrote an article, said: a group of WeChat play bad silly X


why Tencent bear to start to these large? You know, these people say these dragons, people will show a two-dimensional code, these people shake a shake hand cramps – this is not


answer one: Tencent more confident for WeChat.

even a year ago, Tencent for WeChat’s operations will not be as decisive as today. With the acquisition and improvement of the ecological chain of Tencent, with the development of mobile payment and other revolutionary applications and clear, the conditions for the gradual consolidation of maturity. Simultaneous >

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