Case see red children how to get along well with social media marketing

social media marketing is very popular, the development of social electricity supplier also let the consumer trends continue to change. The face of fierce competition in electricity market, how to break the monopoly in Lin Lizhong, how to use social media to find a new growth point is the business of war in June after the problem of thinking.

July, on behalf of the electricity supplier maternal red child with "berserk 72 hours" in our view, the way to open a new round of brand expansion and sales of large-scale increase in the use of social media marketing. Layman watch, experts see road, red child this was generally the industry that is against the old rival Jingdong in a new round of yuezhan. Let’s take a look at it, how about the fight against the red kid?

"Fengqiang 72 hours", a little hot

this summer.

June electricity supplier war is over, Su Ninghong children first started the summer promotion first shot, which announced the launch of "theme wife month" in July, since at 0:00 on July 8th, according to the mother, beauty products to carry out "berserk 72 hours" to promote the activities. Milk powder, baby stroller, toys and other baby products and international famous brand beauty, participate in the promotion in a very lethal price. This has become the mother and child, the United States and the largest electricity supplier in the field this year, the largest promotional activities.

red child such fun social media

red child social media marketing has experienced three stages: the first stage: preheat, inform in advance on the official blog administrative micro-blog and several city newspapers ready; the second stage: online activities such as precision preheating, PC end in 55BBS and Bao Baoshu for the prize activities, the mobile terminal advertising pages in WeChat, for the depth of news reports in the traditional media; the third stage: social marketing, an occasion to the world cup build wife month, spread the line on the platform under the channel network.

one of the highlights of the three online shopping off-season marketing model:

is the first occasion to marketing innovation. Now is the era of information explosion, especially in social media, the rapid spread of information. Only a good grasp of these hot spots, an occasion to marketing, enterprises can quickly create brand influence, the red child is good to seize this hot spot. This summer, the world cup is the focus of attention of the people, men just look at the world cup snub partner, football widow is also known as more and more people.

July, the red child officially launched this theme wife month. Red child succeeded in July this shopping season to create a "wife month" of this theme, first name "wife" and "seven" homophonic catchy and meaningful, and the occasion of the world cup marketing hot, put forward more care about the world cup and the theme of caring wife, successfully injected the human for the activity. There are other activities during the quiz, guess the World Cup win awards such as his wife, successfully attracted the attention of consumers increased participation. In comparison of milk powder, beauty and diapers made "eat imported milk powder, such as Holland, at the England national team, no wife what you are not" ridicule advertisement "

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