2014 SEO 3 trends, allowing you to win in the traffic competition


recently online marketing new team and co-founder of Ranky.co CEO Yoav Vilner published an article, introduced in 2014 in the field of search engine optimization 3 trends, the article is as follows:

in the past few years, SEO has been the basic search engine optimization from a commendatory terms become a derogatory term. At first, SEO was only related to the new technology of the network, and now the impression is that all kinds of spam. So in this field there are always some new words, to cover up the original problem, to bring better new concept SEO. For example, more and more people began to use growth hacking (technology and marketing integration model) similar words.

, such as inbound marketing set off marketing (let customers find their own door) this concept has been more than SEO in 2013. A survey earlier said about inbound marketing LinkedIn the number of jobs in the past year, growth of 210%, the number of jobs in related SEO also increased by 170%, but compared to the former or less.

in any case, there is a fact that there is no denying that the marketing strategy to keep the search engine and users at the same time. The only change in these years is to adjust the proportion between the two. When Google has just appeared, most people only ask 90% of search engine friendly, to leave 10% of the energy users on the line; but now for the user to input energy of 70%, the rest of the attention in the search engine.

and the following three actions need to be concerned about, in 2014 these will be the main trend of SEO.

1 fully analyze your link

first of all, in all the factors that can affect your ranking in the search engine, the most important thing is the quality of backlink. Because of this, Google Corporation has a large team, is responsible for this direction, the continuous upgrading of the ranking algorithm.

in a long period of time, many people even have to question link technology processing is not good, the use of some tools, but the right way, the result has been receiving a lot of spam, and will lead to a huge decline in traffic to the site.

and people don’t realize that it’s easy for your competitors to take advantage of some tools to ruin your Google page ranking. Only $5 online, you can find a lot of such tools and services. And if your competitors are willing to spend $200 or $2000 to do this, then your site is basically finished.

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