90 said young entrepreneurs have been very stupid

I don’t love to hear what the winter capital, financing is not easy thing, capital is not cold, but is not stupid, not to a value of 1 billion industry investment 10 million dozens more, to a value of 1 million of the people voted 10 million, is so simple. The basic data of the mobile Internet business, facilities, entertainment content has long been a monopoly, and how many unicorns where there is



this is the entrepreneurial life, young people to coax cattle in the longer, doing more fierce, more feel stupid, it will become more and more difficult. Only when you recognized it’s difficult to survive, with your brothers to earn money, only the capital come out bragging force!

if you don’t know me, I first introduce myself: my name is Yin Ming, the people of Beijing, people often call our 90 overseas, read some books, and then return home, do the technical community — denver.

Two years ago

, it will very popular, returnees, 90 and entrepreneurship are some popular words. But last winter, a few young friends around me were all on the guillotine. Today, a large layoffs, tomorrow a bankruptcy, after a team fall apart, but business in the real problem is not these, but we love to see these, then appeared in front of everyone.

Do I have your

1 and a half years, when someone asked me "do poineering work what?" or "what is the business?" this kind of problem, I always could not suppress a smile. This thing really can not tell, and did not hit the industry’s adults do not know, not to mention and have not wind and rain peers. It’s hard for you to ask me, but I honestly say to you, "hard! Why is it hard? Because the young people are really stupid!"

you’re young, so you’re stupid. That’s right. You’re stupid anyway. No matter how much you have confidence in their past learning achievement, or early success or as long as you age God’s favored one, even in a small range, is absolutely insurmountable in this cruel world is his reality a little.

stupid: not stupid by experience, experience by time

when a young man was in an industry "big", because of their ability to a special very prominent, let oneself have the best confidence and courage. However, the cause of creation, especially in China, a person needs is the ability to integrate without a short board in a professional strong.

I think this place is not the first to think of a young man, but a young entrepreneur: Luo Yonghao. His personality, strong language skills, thinking ability is outstanding, but also has a considerable number of followers of faith. Tell the truth, in the realization of such a powerful era, he is a great entrepreneur, but he is engaged in and hope to make snap reform.

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