Pass Baidu takeaway B round of financing valuation of about $1 billion 500 million

news July 7th, sources close to the European investment circle said, Baidu takeaway recently completed B round of financing, valuation of around $1 billion 500 million, the amount of financing 3 to $500 million, the main investor is the parent company of Baidu, a small number of other institutions with investment.


in July 2015 after the completion of the A round of financing, Baidu takeaway B round of financing is not smooth. At the beginning of 2016, Baidu takeaway promotion to investment institutions to finance the $1 billion 500 million valuation of $500 million plan, but in response to a handful. Since then, Baidu was down to $1 billion 200 million valuation, the amount of financing has also been lowered. Under difficult circumstances, the parent company Baidu became the main investor.

at present, single volume Baidu takeaway daily for about 1 million single, the two rivals U.S. and hungry in 3 million above, in accordance with the hungry after investment of 4 billion 800 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to the amount of single hungry 1/3 Baidu takeaway is valued at about $1 billion 600 million.

in the future forum conference, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li of artificial intelligence interest is obvious, and later in an internal letter said that the future Baidu will put more time and energy on the Internet financial, unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence and other innovative businesses. Baidu takeaway development is not warm, the rest of the industry to take away the platform moves constantly, industry analysis, Baidu takeaway may no longer be one of the direction of Baidu force.

at present, takeaway market is still in the burn stage. With the industry average loss of $5-6 per single calculation, the daily orders of 1 million means that the daily loss of 500-600 million, a loss of more than 150 million yuan monthly. United States takeaway, hungry, Baidu takeaway vicious competition brought about by the zero sum game is getting stronger.

at present, the major takeaway platform can hardly see the prospects for profitability; at the same time, in the winter capital, burn more and more not recognized, U.S., hungry, the next Baidu takeaway are facing enormous pressure of capital.

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