143 companies in 2015 to get investment is how to crematorium

do not overdo sth., apply to all walks of life, the crazy world of the Internet and death count out, to see which are not clear in the company "die without the burial ground".

The fact that

is still the data. As of December 31, 2015, IT orange official website database included a total of 22033 domestic start-up companies. And in 2014 compared to the new included 8577 companies, the average daily count to be included in the new 24 companies.

and from the geographical point of view, Beijing, Guangzhou or the top 123 in the name of the. The three places included a total of 15722 companies, accounting for a total of 72%, of which Beijing accounted for more than 36%, Shanghai accounted for more than 19%, Guangzhou accounted for more than 17%, followed by Zhejiang, Jiangsu, followed by Sichuan and Hubei, etc..


of course in these start-up companies, most of them belonged to the TMT industry, because of its natural and technology Internet hook, and Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou have some of the basic resources, such as network bandwidth and the number of mobile intelligent terminal equipment and so on, the vast majority of provinces is not available in this condition.

and with the deepening of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs gradually from the TMT industry to commodity trading, logistics and local life services, etc.. Especially the local life both in the growth rate (159%), and in 2015 the new industry list (No. second) far more than the physical power, began to show to the standardization development trend, it is for a lot of new entrepreneurs force.

and I remember when Luo Zhenyu at the end of 2015 time "friends" New Year speech sentence; "in the first half of 2015 are talking about start-ups, the second half of the year to cool, everyone shouting to the winter capital.

is said to have 9000 technology companies, meaning that there are 9000 CEO. How many Internet entrepreneurship education companies nationwide? Ronaldo quoted net winning numbers 160 10000 CEO Dai zheng. When the steel is only one million, a small area in a variety of ways to feel the opportunity to come. This is the entrepreneurial tide, even the madman in entrepreneurship.

in fact, with the deepening of entrepreneurship, many areas are even integration adjustment and Optimization: electricity supplier and O2O are looking for opportunities to segments, struggling to come over from the Death Valley company is seeking new development direction, and pursue development speed to seek beyond.


IT orange official website data show that as of December 31, 2015, IT orange company library a total of 989 companies in the "off" state, accounted for 4.5% of the overall data, 906 companies compared to 2014, compared to 83 new companies." Close the two word only from the official website of the official website of IT orange >

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