How to improve the efficiency of network extrapolation We can win

recorded the "art of war": know thyself, know yourself. In order not to be a strong opponent of its not easy to break down, it is only in the growing their own competitors at the same time to grasp every move. Do network extrapolation too, only to know ourselves, can effectively improve the work efficiency of the network extrapolation, the next cloud claw network marketing analysis management system of small in this direction and we discuss how to do network to improve network efficiency extrapolation extrapolation.


How to improve the efficiency of network extrapolation of

network, Xiao Bian think the most important thing is to gain insight into the situation of competitors. From a certain point of view, the dynamics of competitors in fact, we play an important role in guiding the direction of development. Keywords peer ranking, income, and information distribution platform, account level and other factors need to be taken into account, select the essence and discard the dross; good for us to keep our useless, can avoid doing, in short, it is necessary to understand.


in addition, Xiao Bian said the enemy also includes publishing rules the understanding of the platform, a lot of open platform, such as forum, Post Bar has its own set of rules, what kind of content sensitive, whether to allow the link, let with pictures, these need to be taken into account.

also, how to do network extrapolation method to improve the efficiency of network extrapolation is the most simple to use cloud claw our analysis network marketing management system, not only can easily complete all kinds of information, but also to monitor the release of results, see extrapolation information release effect, and rival keywords occupyingsite on and on the current situation of competition for accurate analysis.

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