Do SEO really have a future

at this time to see quiz platform beginners often asked "do SEO have a future?, SEO prospects?" such questions are SEO novice confused, I can understand them, because when I just entered this line is the same idea and novice, the first time ever I was in a factory to do SEO, boss just gave me 60 dollars a day, but I was willing to do it, because I think that at least not in the factory work more easily, but I have no where to do, because the factory there is no one to teach, after I leave, after half a month in the network the self-study, I found a problem, that is to do ask answer questions is that there is no future SEO, and some just see your personal ability, and in the soft SEO is very promising, especially What training, training could be as long as they learn to let the novice tens of thousands, more puzzled.

and I know from a problem, all the soft is a trap, if you accidentally fall into, so as to be misleading, as in fact do for a living, not what the future prospects, although the SEO card is low, but the real SEO will do SEO optimization is to have a few? With the promotion, as long as you learn a promotion way to master, I believe you are a variety of ways to promote strong, I would like it, Baidu library, and ask people, they do good, there are also a few thousand dollars a month, do library do fine pass, can do the library administrator, can help companies or star library, and ask too, do you do in nature is the classification of several administrators can also help enterprises, businesses, shops, star quiz promotion, this is One of the most simple example, so do SEO is the prospect of your thinking, you want to be transparent, you have hope.

choose your SEO as a target


SEO in you, you are to website optimization, or to do the marketing optimization? For example, some just to fast orders, like a master, you can pick one, if a is not in a can, it is very good. If it is likely to be the official People’s attention, the most simple example is that Baidu Encyclopedia of the highest manager Leng Weilong, he was doing to do Wikipedia, into a few years of accumulation and organization activities, is now considered the Encyclopedia of people. So the prospect of SEO depends on your own grasp, put your target point this is the way we do, whether it is or is to do marketing orders, orders for as long as we can.

if you know one, continue to study it, don’t listen to that, it was all bluff, you think you know, without a small portal brand it will have the same product can be used in general will not give up, such as micro-blog now, the big doors closed, Sina has become an independent product. Gain is also very large. < >

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