WeChat public platform quick start tutorial Part3 material editor

course came to the third part, this part of the main explanation of material editing and custom keyword answer settings, which is the core of WeChat’s public platform, I hope you can seriously read. If you have any questions or errors in this tutorial welcome to leave a message or contact me directly for correction.

a material editor

Click to enter the material management, we can see on the left side of the interface is the material classification including text messages, pictures, voice, video, and on the right is the content of the edit box, with pictures, voice and video are uploaded file management is very simple, so we explain the key text message editor. Graphic message is divided into a single graphic message and multi graphic message, the effect of their corresponding effect can look at the following picture.

1, single graphic message editor

we first click the "single graphic message" button, enter the information editing interface after we see on the left is a preview of the message, this is the message sent to the WeChat effect after the right message content edit box, including the title, cover, abstract, text, text links. Because the message to push the phone only shows the title, cover and summary, so I focus on these 3.

Title: the title should be concise and to the point, the reader can quickly lock the eye. Reduce adjectives, highlight the core content.

cover: the cover picture occupies a large area of content push the message inside, so when the choice of cover image must be able to fit the theme, do not put some fancy gorgeous empty pictures.

[Liu Zijun] is the best design skills picture size 700 pixels × 300 pixels, so the effect of the best and most clear, of course, if you can’t find such a big picture, can be in accordance with the × 720 pixels 400 pixels; this ratio to adjust the picture size, such as 500 pixels 278 pixels or 300 pixels × × 167 pixels can be, it can guarantee the cover picture can complete display. If you use other dimensions, it may result in only the middle part of the picture, not fully displayed.

Abstract: abstract only when editing a single graphic message state, it does not appear when editing multiple graphic messages. But do not underestimate this, it occupies many show proportion in the single graphic message, if the picture loaded slowly or title can not fully express the abstract all highlights, has become an important weapon to attract users to click on the.

text: the text of the article.

original link: Here you can enter their own web site links, WeChat is the only place can be used to import traffic. Of course, first of all to confirm the content of the web site you provide support for mobile phone version, if you open the computer version of the page, the phone will be very bad experience. There are a lot of people will use the original link to do Taobao shop promotion or do Taobao guest.

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