8684 behind the plight of the story team fatigue, expanding blind, cash dilemma


is something that micro-blog broke @ Internet that 8684 is located in Guangzhou natural Network Technology Co. Ltd., because of financial reasons, the marketing department has been cut, and the whole company to cancel the double end, lunch subsidies canceled, is currently seeking financial support.

8684 bus network, in 2005 the red bus query tool

2005, personal webmaster Xia Tiantian created 8684 bus network users, after "South old" became the site administrator. This is the country’s first update, for the country’s bus travel tools website for everyone’s daily life to provide convenient travel guide.

because there was no good alternative service, so the 8684 bus network has been warmly welcomed by users, Beijing, Dalian, Chengdu and other places of public transport management departments to provide free data bus lines to them. Now the site’s Alexa ranking in the vicinity of 3000, PR7.

8684 bus network is divided into public transport query pages and forums of the two main parts. Bus query page provides information on the transfer of Chinese cities, lines, sites and other information, and later extended to provide information on trains and subways. The station can provide a number of second tier cities, including 33 domestic administrative areas of a total of 448 cities bus line information.

8684 bus network forum "bus fan" is a discussion of China domestic public transportation forum, under which a public traffic area, special area, communication area, excellent display area, area and City Forum Forum affairs, have a certain history at home.

company operation, into the mobile Internet

According to

data show that the summer day in June 2011 the establishment of the Guangzhou natural network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as nature), is a company specializing in Internet information services and mobile Internet application and development of the enterprise.


In addition to the 8684

bus network prior to the line, they also began to develop mobile applications, the application of them under the banner of the 8684, including 8684 bus, train 8684 subway, 8684, 8684, 8684 long-distance takeaway browser, mainly focusing on their travel services but also extend.

view App Store data, we found that its application performance is poor:

8684 bus: December 20, 2011 shelves, a total of 2761 scores, the latest version released in December 12th, the score of 35.

8684 Metro: March 28, 2012 shelves, a total of 278 scores.

8684 train: May 31, 2012, a total of 170 comments