Today’s headlines Lin every day to provide information for 25 million users

sina science and technology news July 21 pm news, the annual meeting of the China Internet Conference held in Beijing China Mobile. Lin Chufang, senior vice president of today’s headlines at the general assembly site to do the information to recommend opportunities, challenges and future as the theme of the speech.

Lin Chufang said that the current mobile client DAU is about 120 million, the future can reach up to two hundred million. Today’s headlines every day for 25 million active users to provide information services, the future will account for a larger market share. (skyline)

the following is the full text of Lin Chufang speech:

Lin Chufang: today in the course of the speech, a lot of friends left, and I am very sympathetic to everyone, can adhere to the present are their own, their own good!

just came up, I was thinking, I was in the back, or stand here, I think I should stand here. Because we are usually in the company, we are not particularly particular about clothes, T-Shirts, shorts, slippers, today, I finally wore a pair of trousers, I would like to let everyone see. Oh, yeah, so formal.

I would like to ask you, can we do a survey on the spot? How many people do not use today’s headlines?. No one raised his hand, very few people.

The theme of today’s meeting is to find the next billion

opportunity to stand on the height of the industry to speak. But ten billion is a big number, I believe, at least I have not seen so much money, you have seen?. But in our field, there is no chance of billions? Today’s headlines is a client of information, there are a lot of information to the client, let us look at a few numbers, and then analyze these figures with ten billion relations.

has two digits, the first digit, according to our basic prediction, the current mobile client information throughout the DAU is about the size of 120 million, today is head I know, should be 17 million. Second figures, we estimate that within the next 2 years, the entire market share should be up to $200 million. One hundred million of DAU revenue is likely to be how much? × each user contribution value of × per day; on the 365 day, this figure is the company’s future revenue of about. Assuming that 10 billion of what it means that revenue is equivalent to $200 billion of electricity flowing water. Electricity supplier has 200 billion water so high, his income should be multiplied by 5%. This is my image for everyone to talk about, I get an account I generally do ten billion speaking engagements of the.

since standing in an industry perspective in terms of words, I would speak in this industry is doing better, but look, I always feel that our company can also be done, can not be said to be the best, it should be said that can do the best. I’m going to look at a case where a company in the field works. The basic situation of today’s headlines, we each