Government contributions to Sichuan earthquake details

editor’s note: as of today, although the "golden opportunity to rescue the 72" best of the past, but we still want to all friends in the Sichuan earthquake disaster area extending the late hand, thank you and welcome the faithful. Here the editors hope that the netizens will be thankful for the fact that in the 5.12 earthquake, they will be able to timely support and support countries or groups, especially those who have made great contributions to the country.

Saudi King Abdullah decided to donate to Saudi Arabia $50 million in cash and $10 million to help China Earthquake relief.

U.S. government donated $500 thousand to the earthquake stricken area of Sichuan yesterday.

The first batch of relief supplies donated by the Russian government

arrived in Chengdu yesterday afternoon. The first total of about 300000 U.S. dollars worth of relief materials totaling about 30 tons, including tents, bedding, etc., will be directly transported to the disaster area. The Russian government has recently sent 3 special planes, and then to the Sichuan earthquake disaster area of 100 tons of relief supplies.

Chavalit, former Prime Minister of Thailand,

, also came to the Chinese Embassy in Thailand yesterday to deliver his condolences to the Chinese government. Prior to the Thailand government said it was prepared to donate $500 thousand to China to support China’s relief victims. As of press time, China Embassy in Thailand has received from all walks of life in Thailand donated a total of 15 million baht, about 3 million 750 thousand yuan. Thailand Princess Maha Chakri personal donation of $100 thousand.

Poland’s foreign ministry said it would provide $100 thousand in aid to the disaster area by the Red Cross Society of china.

Belgium government to provide 650 thousand euros in financial aid to the earthquake stricken areas.

the Japanese government will provide emergency assistance to the earthquake stricken area of about 500 million yen. Japan sent a fire rescue team composed of 60 people arrived at the disaster area at 2:00 on the morning of 16 (including the arrival of 29 people tomorrow).

the British government will provide aid to the earthquake stricken area of 1 million pounds.

South Korean government will provide emergency assistance to the earthquake stricken area of about $1 million.

Italy government will be a field hospital, first aid supplies, shelter tents and other supplies by air to China, will be based on the needs of the Chinese side, to provide other emergency relief supplies.

United Nations Children’s fund representative office in China promised to provide $300 thousand in emergency assistance to the affected areas.

Norway government has decided to provide 20 million kronor (US $3 million 900 thousand) to Norway.

the German government has provided a total sum of 500 thousand euros for disaster relief in China through the German Red cross.

France said it could provide personnel, equipment and supplies to the Chinese side, especially professional rescue workers and 250 thousand euros.


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