Electricity supplier open platform small sellers love hate entanglements

open platform is becoming the core strategy of China’s electricity supplier companies. On the platform, sellers may flourishes may also seek but nowhere.

in China in recent years, several major electricity providers have launched an open platform strategy, a platform in the open platform using fee, service fee, business technology commissions, advertising fees has gradually become the main mode of several major domestic electricity supplier to make money. But because of the platform in the advertising, drainage costs began to rise, leading businesses on the platform to easily shop early.

according to the survey, only 18.67% of Taobao stores said profit rose within six months, 38.67% said the profit was flat, while the profit decline in the 42.67% said. Former Alibaba integrity founder Lu Zhiyin had asserted, Ali now all the stores Taobao sellers 9 million 500 thousand, of which the seller stopped selling the shop, leaving about 80% of the losses, the real money is only $10%."

but open trend cannot be blocked, the latest news is early August Amazon launched the Art Marketplace, the open platform category expanded to art; Suning is also planning to open platform.

open history

in August 29th 3 in the morning, half a year long gestation Suning open platform low-key beta, the initial line of more than and 300 brands. Suning.com executive vice president Li Bin said publicly that Suning open platform with the existing platform is essentially different, Suning open platform both in the business model, or the policy will be better than the existing platform.

this is only the latest in the domestic electricity supplier open platform army.

2008, Ali’s Taobao mall formally launched, after several years of rapid development, Taobao mall B2C model began to be recognized by traditional brands and consumers. In 2012, Taobao mall officially renamed the "Tmall", the industry was identified as boundaries with Taobao, to gradually get more traditional brand gradually recognized, some traditional brands have settled Tmall. Data show that the development so far, Tmall has more than 50 thousand merchants settled platform, more than 70 thousand brands in its platform sales.

development of the increasingly powerful Tmall, the impact of the domestic online shopping consumer trends, but also began to affect the development of other domestic electricity supplier platform ideas. 2010, Jingdong formally launched the open platform business, three years after the number of merchants has reached 30 thousand.

In addition to

and Suning already on-line platform business Jingdong, Taobao, most of the domestic enterprises are on self plus open platform dual core road, Gome online in December last year launched a "Bowser" brand specializing in open platform, Amazon Chinese, shop No. 1 under the No. 1 mall also had third party sellers.

these companies are trying to open up their own electricity supplier in terms of accumulation to attract suppliers, so as to complete a new round of electricity supplier wash

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