NBA star Jeremy Lin explosion red name domain name registration boom

it is reported that recently in the sports industry to shine when the number of Chinese players in a game of the New York team of Nicks NBA Jeremy Lin, 0.5 seconds lore, making Nicks super reversal attack 6 game winning streak, and he is following the 1977 after NBA in the first 4 games as a starter for the all-time leading scorer (109 points), Jeremy Lin correlation domain triggered boom.


Whois information day, "Jeremy Lin" name, domain name (English spelling) have been registered, domain name, domain name homophonic creative pole, Jeremy Lin.Com, Jeremy Lin. Chinese domain names are registered Chinese etc.. And Jeremy Lin name spelling JeremySHL trademark was successfully registered by others.



: trademark application

domain name has been the star is also very popular with some growers like, known as NBA star Yao Ming name and domain name are registered, celebrity Jay-Z and Beyonce (singer) Blue Ivy of neonatal Carter related name domain name was registered in 2012, the U.S. presidential election campaign the candidate name related domain names were registered by selling.

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