How to quickly improve the flow of new sites and Baidu included skills

today, there are a few small webmaster asked me. Sister, how quickly my site was included in the baidu ah, you help me do some links, you teach me how to do it. I really want to kick kick them to feed the shrimp to the Huangpu river. I have 100 more times, and repeat the last one today.

how quickly Baidu and Google new station included it?

novice, very rubbish approach, is to submit Baidu and google. That’s what the book says, it’s true, but it’s slow. Just teach us how to make money. I despise the most, but also feel the most promising is to read every day the bookworm.

then I’ll tell you what’s the trick. What is a strong attack.

any a new domain name, I will be within 2 days, the domain name is bound to the forefront of rapid search.

1 login site.

web site, I do not say, to find their own. I always said that I was a fool. Looking for his 100 Web site, many can be submitted directly through the kind,…… Should not be less than 50. If you have submitted, your weight is too high to be reached. A few days to the industry first.

2 blog.

Sohu Sina blog blog matador CCID blog Hexun blog Baidu space

How to write a

blog? Speculation, stir, these blog administrators are short of news, they need you hype, you can play around a bit, they will get you to the home page, the administrator in case you no news, surprisingly dull. Insipid.

speculation, no conscience to fry 2 news, with a link to the two.

written information, the current grassroots information platform more and more, see the birds carrying a fried tea selling website, if two days to get to the baidu home page, link carefully about his website, Admin5, Chinaz, or from xx521, DoNews, irsearch, itber, a few information, so write the information technology, the soft to the high point, now the editor is gone. Under the transfer, or to please, save your link. A few days later, everywhere was reproduced in the Baidu spider spider ah, Google ah, around your site climbed on, because there are your links.

there is a way, is to find a few spam sites do link. Remember, to shoot, will coax. Let others take the initiative to give you the chain, the chain of your Baidu search to the front. Said a lot, I do not know whether they can see rookie, anyway, I do not understand,

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