Unlimited expansion of enterprise employees, online work to enhance competitiveness

business operations must follow a "golden laws and precious rules of profit maximization, cost minimization". To achieve this goal, the management guru Peter Drucker said: "in any enterprise only makes the backstage support without creating job turnover should be outsourced, does not provide any business activities and to the advanced development opportunities should also take the form of outsourcing."

recently, the author and senior executives to explore the development of the company, often heard such a word: do their best at the core competitiveness of the rest of the outsourcing. More and more domestic enterprises begin to use outsourcing to save costs, improve efficiency, promote the company to achieve strategic transformation. Outsourcing will become a new model for Chinese enterprises to improve their competitiveness.

with the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet population is more than 200 million, enterprises have put the traditional outsourcing onto the Internet, the industry provides outsourcing services by way of the Internet referred to as "online outsourcing", because online account application more time online package focused on the IT task. Common online outsourcing platform such as the task of China, myTino, guru, etc., are typical online outsourcing solutions to business needs.

non core work IT online outsourcing enterprise strategic innovation program

enterprises have competition to develop, cruel competition today to save non main business spending also enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Online outsourcing work, can bring the competitive advantage to the enterprise? It may give us a way of enterprise benefits.

first: Online outsourcing will drive companies to focus on core business, focusing on their core competencies. Once the focus on the core competitiveness of enterprises, the main business will be greatly enhanced, the competitive advantage in the industry is more prominent.

second: Online outsourcing can reduce costs, control costs, cost is the lifeblood of enterprise development. The author found that the LOGO design of a website is not high, in the task Chinese such online outsourcing website, most of the price of around 300 can get dozens of workers, compared with the traditional industry price is much lower.

third: access to a high level of workers, to provide enterprises with access to new technologies, while internal workers to focus on core technology activities. High level is not high, the service is good, he said, is not the third party witness. Or to the task China as an example, the worker data pages include credit records and records, when companies are looking for the right person with these reference data easier: find good credit, have their own needs, the task of good evaluation. I understand the design and development of all the needs of a business owner of the Internet are from the task of the Chinese workers to solve, "spend 20 thousand of the work done by 100 thousand".

fourth: demand risk control. Traditional outsourcing generally need to advance 30% to half of the deposit, if there is a deviation of the demand is not well done

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