Wang Changhe how to promote a new web site

a lot of friends in my group asked me how to promote a new website, specifically how to operate, in fact, officials push a website is not one or two words can explain. Today I approach to the promotion of Gigi network and strategy to share out for your reference, suitable for any industry website promotion, we set in you can. Website promotion is the most important execution, if the executive power can not keep up with the words, in the good way is useless, so we still have to adhere to.

content is king

a good website with good content to attract visitors, good content is not necessarily the original article, as long as the help to the reader, I think it is a good content, Gigi network, is a free and network promotion, network marketing, network marketing consultant company for free the information in this article, a resource tool platform. Our article many experts to blog high-quality articles within the fixed time every day to 20 screened 30 high-quality articles regularly posted to the site, to contribute to the spider, for us every morning at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. timely release, update the article must have the law, time.

search engine promotion

search engine optimization, SEO search engine optimization strategy affects the final optimization results. SEO search engine optimization strategy regardless of the small sites or large sites are important, but for large sites, make a good SEO search engine optimization strategy is particularly important, otherwise the website optimization services, you will miss a lot, a lot of the time, detail decides success or failure is.

website title bar (Title) content optimization:

wrote a brief introduction of the website, no more than 30 words, and then go into the website keyword, the best combination between these words or a word or phrase, such collocation can form many words, the formation of long tail words.

web content page title added:

web page, especially one of the more important channel and column page, add the same as your home page title, adding principle and web page title, such as a channel will become independent domain name to stand, this step is more important.

landing major search engines:

login search engine, can say is a sign of website released, currently in the major search engines to domestic operations, including Google, Baidu, Skynet, search, search, Sogou, 3721, MSN and so on, to a fall, if the search engine does not accept, then three times a day, every day to submit until now, be accepted. And because the search engine included new sites have certain work cycle, generally for 1 weeks before February, so the work to begin as early as possible. Do not use tools to submit.

add links:

is an important link

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