How to promote blog site

blog web log (Blog), with the accelerated pace of information network, how many users have established their own website, many of which are in the nature of the main blog website, how to better promote their own blog site, became the blogger, most concerned about, how to promote the blog website? This Xiyuan published under the Seoer my humble opinion, I hope to help you:


content is the key, if you write something does not love, is not to attract the attention of users, improve the site conversion rate, update recommendations often write some original, or reproduced some attract popular articles, make your blog more attractive, more viscosity.


blog, the blog can be submitted to a search engine and some professional website, search engines will be valuable to the website content to crawl, not only can provide your information to more users, but also improve your web traffic. Submit url as follows:

Baidu blog search submit entry:

Sogou search submit entrance:

has a blog search submit entry: Type=BLOG& keyFrom=help

Google blog search engine submission entrance: Hl=zh-CN

Live search submit entry:

YAHOO China submit entry:

Chinese RSS search submit entry:

zhuaxia website:

asked Sina blog:

Zhou Botong (POTU) website:

Chinese Blog search submit entry:


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