Mutual aid communities in cancer mutual aid announced 50 million yuan angel investment

cancer community announced the acquisition of 50 million drops of mutual mutual funds from angel investment, combined with IDG, Gao Rong capital, Tencent, new, funds and other investment funds, real light. The mutual aid community founder and CEO Shen Peng is the United States Mission Network tenth employees, for the United States to take away the joint founder.

water drop is a mutual aid platform for major diseases. In May this year on the line, belonging to the Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. to forward. Introduction of water droplets, the internet mutual security model is to help each other between members, the risk of common shares for the purpose of. Users spend 9 yuan to become a member, when the user to join the platform when there is a major disease, currently all for cancer, the highest can get $300 thousand payment. The payment of funds by the platform user rates, in principle, each split the cost of not more than 1 yuan.

at the same time, mutual aid group drops divided according to different age levels, which are divided into 18 to 50 year old "care about their cancer assistance plan", 51 to 65 years of age at high risk of "parents anticancer assistance plan" and the birth of 30 days and 17 years of age youth "caring for children serious illness assistance plan". Each level according to the incidence of factors such as the amount of payment made a corresponding adjustment, ranging from 20 thousand to 300 thousand.

Shen Peng said, mutual water as a new way of insurance may face two kinds of risks: the risk of policy, mutual insurance or social security system, nor the commercial insurance system. The two is how to education and access to the user, do wind control, design of security pool rules, reduce the potentially fraudulent behavior are required to solve the problem.

on the use of financing direction, Shen Peng said on the one hand for team building, especially the construction of technical team. Water droplets are involved in the block chain technology in the field of talent is relatively scarce; two is to protect the pool investment. The more users join the platform, reduce the per user share funds.

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