See the network marketing research five methods from the art of war

grandson said: "it will move and win people, the success of the people, the prophet also". The success of any commercial activity, including the success of the network, is closely related to the availability of adequate, scientific and effective market research.

Many methods of

market research, "is used here from between the five: the country is inside, have anti, dead, there are students." One by one, to discuss some of the common market research methods.

a, "country" – used data collection

country, is intended to spread the villagers or anecdotal information as a source of information analysis; market investigation method, secondary data collection is of all kinds of social public opinion, media information, search engines, historical data and other research report analysis.

natural technical advantages, making the network marketing research in various types of data mining technology and database management methods can be fully utilized. In the work of data collection need fixed standard, relevant personnel shall not perform according to individual wishes of selective collection; must be familiar with the network marketing professionals involved in data analysis; data collection work must be long-term, normalization and continuity, not looking for temporary data.

two, "inside" – expert brainstorming

Within the

, is intended to analyze the relevant information of the official, and puts forward some strategies; and market investigation method, expert brainstorming is convened a number of professional research Roundtable on the part of the question type.

network marketing professionals can include manufacturers, planning and marketing staff and marketing consultants, etc.. When executed, in the number of personnel must be advised to crack it, and the current network marketing theme; staff to avoid Tandaqiuquan, avoid a lot of the time the most professional more in name than in reality, people on their side; there must be a professional officer of control field, and made a final summary of the meeting.

three, "anti – competition dynamic

agents, is intended to related work from competitors found even with counter intelligence; and the market investigation method, competitor dynamics should be studied, found each other a new strategy or creative and timely response, found other problems or lack of timely follow-up.

network marketing faced with numerous competitors, the need for strong psychological and superb technical advantages. However, fellow friends, that the image of the entire industry and the dog in the manger as illegal laws and regulations, or not as good.

four, "dead" – all kinds of questionnaires

The death of

who is intended to use the gangster into each other to collect information; and all kinds of market investigation method, questionnaire survey, all need to invest huge manpower and personnel suffering day and night to complete, and investigate the effect are still uncertain.

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