Help you analyze how to do Google rankings

GOOGLE is the boss of the search engine, occupy the world’s search volume of 2/3, therefore, do a good job in the site in the GOOGLE search rankings, but also the most important site promotion. So, how to do GOOGLE rankings?

first of all, to determine the ranking factor to determine the GOOGLE search results, the relevance of keywords.

for a long time, SEO has been a mistake, that the PR value high, ranking will be good, but not at all, the most key factor to determine the ranking is associated with the degree of web pages and keywords, rather than the site of the PR value, the PR value is 0 "in the first row, PR" but meet the eye everywhere in the latter case.

1, the page title: "the title is GOOGLE, most search engines and web keyword relevance judgment, therefore, to increase the degree of association" and fixed keyword, must let your keywords in the page title.

in the practical work, keyword optimization improper situation often encountered, a title keyword optimization, it should be noted that the title length is generally not more than 25 Chinese characters, because the 25 Chinese characters after the basic content has no effect, and easy to search engine punishment.

2, METE Tags: once a period of time, the search engine to determine a web site keywords is through the METE tag, and the description of the website is directly display the METE tags, but due to cheating on the search engine rankings, quickly changed the law, make originally well intentioned METE tag lost the meaning, now some search engines simply ignore the METE tags, but the content of GOOGLE METE tag ranking still has some effect.

METE tag is the main keyword tags and description tags, the general design criteria, Keywords tag is not more than three words is appropriate, not too much the number of keywords, description tag can not be too much, and not a simple repetition, must highlight the key words of their own, let the keywords appear several times, and comply with the statement the grammar rules for the above "Zhangjiajie navigation network" METE tag is full of cheating, optimization excesses.

3, the theme of the web page optimization: Web page optimization mainly refers to the content of the page optimization, image optimization, link optimization.

1, content optimization: optimization of main content page keyword density in the content of the page, the position of the optimization, in general, should put the key words as the location of the front, and bold, so GOOGLE will take special care of your keywords, if possible, it is best to use h1> & lt; label. Keyword density is generally not >

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