Circle of friends are hot sellers business by reading too much

for WeChat, the circle of friends, the definition of everyone I am afraid there is a word in addition to the exchange of goods. As it happened, but that popular social circle there will always be some smart people developed into commercial circle, but the behavior of sellers circle of friends really to a certain height, and even spawned a micro business concept.

believes that ordinary users to the circle of friends of the push message can be said to be hated, perhaps in their hearts are not love to buy things in my circle of friends, so do those micro business are just nonsense. But this is in fact? If a market opportunity not to be found, so no one will enter, the reason why there are so many people to do, because the sellers circle of friends who really has to earn money, is really someone willing to buy things at the top.

for the interpretation of the market for micro business concept, support or opposition, we reason are very full, in the face of micro business development of the crossroads, I personally do not guide, or a simple analysis of current trends.

The reasons for

‘s opposition are as follows:

circle of friends is just a small circle, it is difficult to integrate into the marketing concept. It is just a communication place, everyone is not willing to do not want to see the commodity information in a relatively pure environment, not to mention the case in the absence of the desire to buy, the sale will make people very disgusted. Coupled with each person’s circle of friends is very small, can not do a large push, marketing is impossible to speak of.

platform itself is also lack of stability. In addition to the circle of friends shop sellers, WeChat and Jingdong involved make the entire internal environment becomes very complex, what exactly is the official store, what business is the development direction is not supported by WeChat itself, for these problems, there is no way to know the practitioners. In can’t ensure the development of atmosphere stability conditions, the sales process you will become instant success, not only to see the pursuit of long-term, short-term, long-term development, also have negative effects for the reputation of the establishment.

micro business philosophy to be further standardized. Some people say that the micro business is Taobao, I do not think so, compared to the Taobao open trading environment, based on the micro business circle of friends and user groups are also difficult to reach this height, now do business, in addition to product quality to keep up on new, on the creative marketing is very important. After all, as opposed to the promotion of marketing system is quite mature at Taobao, micro business is a new project to expand the flow by doing.

micro quality supervision is the biggest hidden danger. Before we talk about current business transactions based on the micro environment is not mature, all give the basis of trust, once deceived frequent events will result in so out of reputation fading and derivative, fought in the third party platform has become a lot of micro business back on the road, in the long run, micro business really have the power to develop


supports the following reasons:

WeChat public number marketing force is growing. WeChat public account

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