The international hacker group has threatened to launch an online attack on the Beijing Olympics

when the Beijing Olympic marathon is in progress, the timing system suddenly fails; when the opening ceremony is being broadcast worldwide, the broadcast screen was maliciously switched…… For the upcoming opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, a number of international hackers have threatened to launch attacks on the internet.

it is clear that these sense of achievement of the "hackers Empire" members, is to use the world’s attention to the Beijing Olympic Games, "one world war". They will wait for an opportunity to launch a variety of attacks, which is the usual means of computer virus.

previously, the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center Director Zhang Jian in an interview with this reporter said, "ten games" information technology system has twice malicious hacking, "ten games" information network to "defend" strategy, finally to ensure safe and sound.

2007 China computer virus epidemic survey report mentioned that the computer virus infection rate of more than 90%, while the most popular of the ten viruses are related to cybercrime.

as of June 2007, China’s Internet users has surged from 26 million 500 thousand in 2001 to $162 million, second only to the size of the United States of America’s Internet users, ranking the world’s second largest in the world, the number of Internet users in the world by the year of 211 million. The prevalence of computer virus infection in China for two consecutive years after a downward trend in 2007 and a larger rebound in 91.47%.

at the same time, according to incomplete statistics, the world’s existing computer virus up to 45 thousand kinds, there will be a variety of new computer viruses in the breeding of 5-10.

on the huge base of Chinese computer users, these new viruses are spreading.

On the basis of destroying computer data,

traditional virus has produced a new trend in recent years. Not only has the worm transmission speed and the ability to destroy, but also has the Trojan horse control computer and steal important information function.

and the Beijing Olympic Games on the Internet is far higher than any previous Olympic games. Therefore, once the Olympic information system in the computer infected with the virus, if not handled quickly, it may affect the normal operation of some key systems.

from the recent Beijing Italy Winter Olympics in Turin, all in the race, to provide IT services for the daily ATOS recorded 3 million 100 thousand cases of suspicious events, and managed to intercept possible network interruption 158 attacks.

source: Technical Manager Jiang Sheng said in an interview with reporters, the Olympic Games for the physical form of a network of networks, each unit are closed management strictly. After a computer infected with the virus, all network interface will not be disturbed, so cut off the spread of the virus.

for the common case of virus entrainment, due to the information system of the computer in a closed internal network, and the external Internet isolation, it will not be infected. For the docking with the network.

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