Webmaster manual – Google topics

Google update every day, once a day, every day to update the ranking results.  

PR update cycle for 3 months is not true. In fact, GOOGLE spider every index of your URL once, PR weight update once more than ever before. A good web site structure is the ability to use the link structure to inform the Google page is the most important, so as to guide the important page to get more PR. How to get from the Google you should get the visitors and how to guide the Google index of your Web, this is a question worthy of all owners to ponder. The more pages, the key words will also be included, so that the user with the GOOGLE keyword search matches the corresponding larger. A page that contains a lot of information. The glossary is a use of GOOGLE to find the matching search keyword search is a good way to college. The exact terms and phrases and so on, check in your diary about which some of your visitors often use GOOGLE input. Please note that although Google has the ability to analyze grammar. However, there are some differences in the ranking of the word and the incomplete matching. Keywords  
if 100 people used to query the same information, it is a very big number. Reflect on:

because your page contains only "mobile" rather than "mobile phone price", you missed the number of queries on the GOOGLE.  

don’t confuse the link with the popularity of the link, link popularity is still one of the most important aspects of the GOOGLE rankings, but it plays the angle is slowly changing.  
for search and search engines are very difficult to find the link to improve the link popularity is meaningless, Google is not the link into the effective range of link popularity algorithm in.  
google links to B to explain the A station to a vote on the B station in A. But Google is more focused on the size and number of voters, it also analyzes the voting page.  
If voting page heavier weight, then obtained from the Google weighted weight this page links page will be more heavy.  

A and your site linked website whether it GOOGLE how high the PR value, but if his theme and your site description of the theme is not consistent, so it is for you > PR Tribute

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